November 11, 2020

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Hawaii

November 11, 2020
Appling for a medical marijuana card in Hawaii is easy.

In order to gain the right to legally consume marijuana for medical purposes in Hawaii, your ultimate objective is to get a hold of a 329 Registration Card. The way you go about doing so is, thankfully, straightforward, and requires more patience than anything else. 

Your first step is, unsurprisingly, to proceed to your licensed doctor or advanced practice registered nurse. Remember that they must be licensed to practice in Hawaii, and must be one of those two categories, so holistic or other non-traditional practitioners will not be able to do this for you. 

When you meet with your doctor or nurse, they need to certify that you experience a condition that can benefit from medical cannabis. Describe your symptoms to them, and be as complete and honest as possible. Once they have evaluated you and you have gone through whatever testing process necessary to confirm your condition, they will be able to certify the condition so that you can proceed to the next step. This is the biggest hurdle, and may take multiple appointments with different physicians. Don’t give up! If you have a need for medical marijuana, most physicians will be good about realizing that and will be fine with moving you to the next bureaucratic step.

Getting Your Cannabis Card Online

Yes, you can get a medical marijuana card in Hawaii online. Step 2 is done electronically, and will be the biggest expenditure of effort on your part. You need to register as a new patient at the following link: The registration page for medical marijuana in Hawaii. Fortunately, creating a new account is simplicity itself, requiring only about a page full of information. Don’t worry, the State is prohibited from releasing your information to any third party (except the police) without your permission! 

After you’ve been certified as having a condition that can be aided by medical marijuana and have registered at the above website, it’s out of your hands. This is because step 3 is actually done by the Hawaiian State government, as they review the information that you’ve submitted to them. If all goes well, they will approve your registration and send you your 329 registration card. Worse comes to worst, you will need to potentially start over from the beginning and be reevaluated for your condition by a licensed professional yet again. 

Once you have your Hawaii medical marijuana card, you are ready to pick up your medicinal pot. Don’t just drive on down to your local dispensary, though! You need more than just your 329 registration card. You also need some form of identification. You can choose from: A valid state ID, a valid state driver’s license, or a valid passport book in order to enter the dispensary. Note that a passport card is insufficient, if you go that route you are going to need the entire passport book. 

In summary, getting your medical card approved in Hawaii is a fairly straightforward process. Get a licensed medical professional to certify your ailment, register at the above website, and then wait for the bureaucrats to send you your shiny new card. 

Things to remember:

  1. Your physician or nurse must be licensed to practice medicine in Hawaii.
  2. You need to act on your own and create an account at the Hawaii registration page for medical marijuana.
  3. Don’t forget some form of state accepted identification when you go to your local dispensary. 

How to get your Hawaii Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online

Head right to this link: Renewing your 329 Registration

The renewal is a three step process. First, you need to meet up with the medical provider who helped you get the certification in the first place. Next, they must certify that your condition is indeed chronic, which is to say continual. Third, they need to state that they believe a two year renewal would be in the patient’s best interest. If you have these three things, you should be able to get a two year renewal at the above link.

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