October 24, 2020

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online in California

October 24, 2020
A California medical marijuana card renewal application form

It’s finally time to renew that medical marijuana card! This task might feel as cumbersome as taking care of someone’s dogs for the weekend, but it is far more satisfying. Fortunately, this task has also proved to be much simpler than you probably thought. As such, you shan’t fear, for Brodie Kush is here! Everything you need to know about getting a medical marijuana card renewal in California is included in this article. 

Can I Renew or Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

Yes, you can. In California, an mmj card renewal is required annually. There is an option to renew the card online that doesn’t require a physical doctor’s visit which makes life much easier, especially in the time of Corona. Online evaluations are quick and simple compared to the in-person solution. Individuals can access all the documents required to gain a medical marijuana card online! California medical marijuana card applications and renewal can be done from the comfort of your couch.

What do I Have to Do to Get My MMJ Card Renewed?

Receiving a medical card or a renewal isn’t incredibly difficult. Your recommendation must be provided in California by a licensed doctor who is in good standing with the state. This means you can obtain this card or the documents needed to complete the forms for the card, from a surgeon, physician, or doctor. 

The California medical marijuana card is issued according to a similar procedure followed in other states. By law, it is not necessary to visit a doctor to confirm the diagnosis since an online consultation is enough. In order to apply or reapply for a card you must correctly fill out a form for CDPH and follow the proper instructions. If you have any questions please contact (916) 558-1784 for more information. 

What are the Benefits for Renewing my Cannabis Card?

According to state law, a recommendation from a licensed doctor and the presence of an MMJ California Card are sufficient for full participation in the program. Any resident of California who needs medical cannabis is eligible for confirmation of their diagnosis from a certified doctor to receive a medical cannabis program membership card. The patient’s card is not necessarily a formality, but a significant improvement in the way one lives.

First of all, medical marijuana allows for more effective control of pathological conditions. Secondly, the card allows you to legally and confidentially make purchases in specialized facilities and grow up to 6 plants on your site. Third, the card provides access to a wide selection of cannabis and cannabis products.

As of 2020, just under 2 million patients are registered in the state of California! Participants in the medical cannabis program represent about 5% of the California population. The primary sale of medical cannabis is carried out through special cooperatives for growing cannabis and certified dispensaries.

You should be ready to go, my friend! Submit your paperwork and payment so you can enjoy all the benefits of being a medical marijuana card holder. Once finished, come on back to this blog and learn more about anything you want to know related to cannabis. We have made marijuana knowledge our lifestyle and are willing to answer any questions you may have. 

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