California Gov. Candidate Says ‘No’ to Legalization


Meg Whitman is a Republican candidate in the 2010 California Governor’s Race. How does she feel about the legalization initiative on the November ballot? She adamantly opposes it. On her website it states “Meg is opposed to the legalization of marijuana. This is a gateway drug whose use would expand greatly among our children if it were legalized.” (see link) What a neo-conservative! But what do you expect from someone that was fully endorsed by Condoleezza Rice on March 1st.


Whitman is a former CEO of eBay, and after dumping enormous sums of personal money into her campaign, she is looking at an almost guaranteed primary victory over her Republican rival Steve Poizner on June 8th. That would likely pit her against Democrat Jerry Brown, a 40 year political veteran, in the general election in November. Why am I giving attention to such a conservative weed hater? To bring attention of course. To all Californians - THIS IS THE FACE OF THE ENEMY! Why wait until November to start campaigning against her? Why not get started now; hit the streets early and tell people how she feels about marijuana legalization. If she is already making comments in opposition to legalization, how do you think she will react to the initiatives passage in November? Clearly, she will do everything in her power to crush it, even if voters approve it. Stay active and take down this corporate neo-con in the election!