April 7, 2011

Chronic-les Of A Roadtrip II

April 7, 2011
hippie van

After leaving Cody, Wy I headed to Gillete.

On the way there I stopped in Casper aka Casper the friendly little town. When I checked in to my hotel there was a small truck with Juggalo markings and I thought nothing of it. After drinking some pretty awesome ribs served by hot chicks I went back to the hotel to crash.

When I got to my room the key card didn’t work, so I had to get a new one. Right away I saw the Juggalo charm on his necklace and brought up ICP. The night shift guy was pretty cool, I asked him what the scene was like and said “I’ll show you in a few minutes”.

We met outside and he broke out a little jar of goodness. Being it was his work and illegal we just couldn’t smoke out front, so we went to the boiler room. He broke out a beautiful nug and offered to get me an eighth or a quarter but even at Seattle prices I couldn’t afford it in between paydays. But I did have 10 bucks and offered to buy a joint. Ended up giving him 5 and sharing some wonderful maui wowi.

There’s not much to say about my real job but that I travel a lot and my schedule is based off of other people. With 3 days to kill until my next gig I decided to meet Ninja for the first time. 12 long driving hours later we met in the Motel 6 I was staying. This dude breaks out a pipe the size of a baby’s arm than he starts packing what would be the fist, full of what I believe was fruity pebble (he doesn’t recall but it was purplish with lots of crystals and tasted amazing). After that bowl was gone he packed another one full of this neon green bud with crystals on it that looked like dew. Another amazing round of smoking and I was done. Ninja smoked me crosseyed.

I’m not sure if it was the 12 hour drive or the amazing weed but I was knocked the fuck out. It was an amazing session of smoking but I couldn’t hold on much more, next time Ninja we need to plan for a day or two.

The rest of my road trip was uneventful on the marijuana level; work, bars, work some more. When I got home I paid a visit to my caregiver and mentioned the weed Ninja had, turns out he had some of the same. I bought a quarter and have been in weed heaven since then.

There’s a lot going on here in the Northwest, Hempfest is coming in August, caregivers are popping up left and right, things are moving along despite a recent bill that was knocked down to legalize it statewide. I am now working on a caregiver creating an upstart and if I get an extra 200 dollars I will get my green card and tell you about it. Also look for my article coming up on an Oregon painter/muralist.

“till next time, stay irie.


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