April 20, 2015

Colleges Should Cancel All Classes On 4/20

April 20, 2015
college marijuana cannabis university study

college marijuana cannabis university study4/20 is already an international holiday celebrated by the masses. But until Bill Maher gets his wish, neither America nor the rest of the world will recognize 4/20 as a national or international day to celebrate the freedom of cannabis.

And that’s foolish, because whether cannabis consumers and college stoners have 4/20 off or not, many of us will either take the day off or find time for a smoke break or 10. What makes 4/20 special is that it’s the one day a year that the person you’d least expect to smoke weed will likely ask you for a hit.

Walk around any major college campus or city on any nice, spring day in April and you’re likely to smell the scent of smoke. Walk around on 4/20, and these campuses and cities aren’t just filled with a few stoners-they’re packed with smoke circles and people choosing this one day to let loose and get high.

Because on 4/20, like the Waldos who made this day a holiday, we’re not celebrating Hitler’s birthday: we’re celebrating what should be our universal freedom to get high, medicate, congregate, and celebrate the best plant on earth. But when 4/20 falls on a Monday, many of us with corporate jobs or school classes have to wait till the clock strikes 4:20 PM or later to join in the celebration.

Except when you enter a college campus, 4/20 immediately becomes “campus skip class day.” Perhaps that one Magna Cum Laude with a 4.0 will go to her molecular biology class, but Joe Pipe and Anne Joint will gladly skip “Intro to Bio” for “Hits from the Bong.”

College students all know what 4/20 is, and they all treat the day like it’s a holiday. Even if some do go to class, they will do so under the rightful influence of the herb. Why not just nip an already, yearly wasted day of classes in the bud, proclaim the day as a “green snow day” and let collegiates smoke up freely.

It’s 2015, Reefer Madness is long dead, and marijuana is quickly becoming both socially acceptable and legal on a global scale. College students-the future leaders of our world-know this fact about weed as well as anyone.

College campuses and leaders should acknowledge this same fact, avoid the embarrassment of empty lecture halls and smoke-filled quads by simply canceling cancels on 4/20.

Because let’s face it: our professors would rather be getting high on this day too.

Source: The Smokers Club - syndicated with special permission


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