February 14, 2016

Do You Ever Get Marijuana Strain Nostalgia?

February 14, 2016
jack the ripper marijuana strain

jack the ripper marijuana strainMy love for marijuana reminds me a lot of my love for music. There are songs that have been very near and dear to my heart throughout certain points of my life, and there are few things that can ‘take me back to the day’ like hearing one of my favorite songs. Songs remind me of a certain time in my life, of the people I was hanging out with, where we were, what we wore, etc. Within seconds of hearing those songs, I take a trip down memory lane.

The same thing can be said with me and smells. For some reason the smell of bark dust reminds me of playing on the grade school playground where I went to school on recess. I have literally stopped and smelled piles of bark dust before, not caring how weird people probably thought I was at the time. When I smell bark dust I think kickball, teather ball, monkey bars, and other good times taking a break from sitting in a grade school classroom all day.

Marijuana reminds me of things too. Every once in awhile I will get a whiff of something, and it may not even be marijuana, but it smells just like a particular strain of marijuana grown by a particular grower at a particular time that I used to love consuming at some point in my life. It’s even true of bammer/brick weed. I would never smoke brick weed ever again, but I did a lot growing up, and there’s a distinct smell that reminds me of those days for better or worse. I consumed a cannabis infused tea recently that smelled a lot like brick weed. While it made me not want to drink it, I definitely spent a lot of time sitting with my nose over the cup smelling it, reliving memories for decades past.

When I talk to people about this, they often respond with ‘well if you like that particular strain so much, why don’t you just go to a dispensary and buy some?’ It’s not that easy. It’s not just a strain, as 100 different growers can all grow the same strain and have 100 different qualities of harvest. The Jack the Ripper I get from a dispensary from an unknown grower may not be the same Jack the Ripper that I remember getting from Southern Oregon in the mid-2000’s. It’s a very particular thing I suppose. How do readers feel? Do you ever get marijuana strain nostalgia?


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