December 31, 2011

Does Anyone Still Use Triple Beam Scales To Weigh Marijuana?

December 31, 2011
triple beam marijuana

The Triple Beam Scale Should Be In The Marijuana Hall Of Fame.

When I first started smoking marijuana almost 20 years ago, the industry standard for weighing marijuana was the triple beam scale. If you are relatively new to the marijuana world, a triple beam scale is completely manual. It needs to be calibrated and you essentially balance the weight of the marijuana with the weight on the beams on the scale. Sounds like effort right? For decades that’s how almost all marijuana was weighed. I remember the shock and awe of seeing the first digital scale in my area. ‘It weighs marijuana exactly, every time to the tenth of the gram,’ my marijuana dealer exclaimed.

I remember when I was in junior and senior high school and people would try to steal the triple beam scales that were used to weigh out elements for experiments. In today’s day and age, a triple beam seems so Stone Age because everyone I know has a digital scale. Prices for digital scales are so cheap now days, even the average marijuana consumer can afford one. Only dealers used to be able to afford them in the early 1990’s, now they are as cheap as ten dollars in Oregon.

How is it in your area? Do you still purchase marijuana from someone that weighs their marijuana on a triple beam scale? Or maybe you are a dealer that is very sentimental about your scale, and refuse to get a new one. Or even yet another possibility, do you believe that triple beam scales are better than digital scales for weighing marijuana? After all, you never have to buy batteries with a triple beam! Below is a picture of a triple beam scale for any rookie readers out there that still confused.

triple beam marijuana


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