September 25, 2015

Guns, Weed, And Gay Marriage

September 25, 2015
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gop marijuana conservatives rand paul bryan fischerMan, is there anything more American sounding to you? That sounds like freedom to me! Guns, weed, and gay marriage! While guns and marijuana are most definitely an incredibly irresponsible mix together, their arguments seem to be mixing more and more as the 2016 presidential election nears closer.

From what it seems the only thing that appears to be a bigger topic than Donald Trump’s ridiculous ego and racist comments is Colorado. Damn those Coloradans and their marijuana! Not doing what the federal government regulates as illegal is an inexcusable crime to most of the people on the Republican presidential stage. Oh wait, but not really. It doesn’t appear that Republicans really care at all about federal mandates.

Ted Cruz’s statements on Kim Davis, Scott Walker mocking the Supreme Court Judges, and the Republican candidates making a complete uproar on the gay marriage ruling in general paint a very different picture. What is it going to be Republicans? Should states bow down to the federal government or should they exercise the 10th Amendment with some states’ rights? Because honestly your inconsistencies are making my head spin.

Furthermore, guns. Gun conversations are always followed with a states’ rights conversation. Republicans and conservatives generally take the side of states’ rights in this conversation, of course. So, why wouldn’t Republicans than support the states’ rights for marijuana.

I constantly hear Republicans, and other conservatives, complain about the inconsistencies of the dreaded liberal. It seems to be one of their favorite taglines most of the time. While I agree that a lot of progressives within the Democratic Party need to take a look at the inconsistencies of their policy prescriptions (which is a totally different story unrelated to The Weed Blog), the Republicans can’t take this ‘logical highroad’ of consistency, when this is staring at them in the face.

Maybe the Republicans will decide that the young vote is important to them, or at least a vote that isn’t exclusively over the age of 80, this year and just decide to take the path of freedom. Have your guns. Have your weed. Have your gay weddings. Enjoy freedom! But this is definitely asking too much of our Republican candidates. What a shame.

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