Happy 420 Eve

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Do you celebrate 420 Eve? I have always celebrated Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve, so celebrating 420 Eve seemed like a logical choice. Especially considering the fact that I like marijuana much more than candy canes or booze. When 4/20 falls on a weekend like this year, the festivities for me began Friday night. By the time 420 Eve rolled around I was already ten brownies deep and who knows how much vapor and smoke.

In years past I was always en route to an event with Jaysmoker, so the celebration was limited. It's hard to smoke hard driving through states like Wyoming and Utah on the way to Denver, no matter how much I love marijuana. This is my first year since I started this blog that I'm at home in Oregon for 420 Eve. Next year I hope to be able drive to Denver again, which is where I've always had the most fun on 4/20.

If you are at an all-weekend event, keep having fun. If you are enroute to a Sunday-only event, drive safe. Wherever you are, or however you plan on celebrating, pack your pipes, roll your joints, and put some smoke into the air!