June 21, 2015

Happy Father’s Day 2015 From The Weed Blog

June 21, 2015
fathers day weed blog

fathers day weed blogThis is my second Father’s Day as a father myself. I always liked this holiday, but it became extra special when I became a father in late 2013. This Father’s Day is significant to me, and I think to all other responsible marijuana consuming fathers in Oregon, because it is the last Father’s Day that I’m celebrating while marijuana is still prohibited. This time next year, I will be celebrating Father’s Day as a truly free marijuana consumer.

That may not seem like a big deal to someone that doesn’t consume marijuana, but to a marijuana consumer, being a parent when marijuana is prohibited is a very scary thing. And a very unnecessarily scary thing at that. Every day that I have been a father (about 20 months), I have worried that cops are going to visit my house for one reason or another, decide to search it, then take my son away simply and only because there is marijuana hidden in my house in a safe place that is not accessible to my child. The cops will no doubt look past the bottle or two of beer that I have in my fridge, but that one joint that I have hidden in my safe is enough for them to treat me like a menace to society, and gives them an excuse to rip my family apart.

That fear goes away on July 1st for me. I cannot express in words what a relief that is to think about. It’s a feeling that I want every responsible marijuana consuming father to feel, and I will not rest until that becomes a reality for fathers everywhere. From The Weed Blog team, happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere!



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