May 23, 2015

If NBA Player Kevin Durant Wants To Consume Marijuana, Who Cares?

May 23, 2015
kevin durant marijuana

I just saw a video of former MVP of the National Basketball League (NBA) Kevin Durant which shows him entering a vehicle, where what appears to be a container of marijuana falls out of the vehicle as he opens the door to it. The media is already ramping up, with some of them condemning Kevin Durant, others cracking jokes, and all kinds of other commentary. For starters, no one even knows if it is marijuana in the container. And two, even if it was marijuana, who cares? Below is a picture of the container in question, via TMZ:

kevin durant marijuana


Could the container have marijuana in it? Sure. Does Kevin Durant have every right to be a marijuana consumer? I don’t personally see anything wrong with it. Kevin Durant is from Washington D.C.. Marijuana is perfectly legal in Washington D.C. at a personal possession level. To be fair, this video is shot in California, but Kevin Durant is also not on the job, he’s not about to drive the vehicle, and as you can clearly see, is wearing a walking boot. Again, we don’t know if that’s even marijuana in the container, and if it is, we don’t know that it’s Kevin’s, and even if it was, I’d be smoking marijuana too if I was injured to the point that I’m wearing a walking boot. It’s much better than taking harmful pharmaceutical painkillers.

But regardless of if it’s marijuana, regardless if it’s Kevin Durants, and regardless of what the purpose of the marijuana is for if it is indeed marijuana, who cares? When is the media going to move on and not get in a panic every time marijuana is spotted somewhere near a celebrity? News flash – people consume marijuana. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike. There’s nothing wrong with that. Period.

You can see the video in question at this link here.


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