January 1, 2012

Random Rant: YouTube Needs More Colbert Report Marijuana Videos

January 1, 2012
stephen colbert marijuana

stephen colbert marijuanaMarijuana Clips On YouTube Need The Colbert Bump

It should be no secret that THE Weed Blog has always liked Stephen Colbert. The marijuana community in general does, otherwise why would marijuana growers name a marijuana strain after him? I would love to know the ratings of his shows that mention marijuana versus the ones that don’t. Originally I was going to post an article showing a compilation of Stephen Colbert Report videos that had marijuana references, however, YouTube seems to be lacking. Below is the only quality video I could find:

Sadly, the video isn’t even of The Colbert Report, and isn’t very long. I know there are copyright issues and whatnot, but I would figure that the legendary Stephen Colbert would want his face plastered in as many places as possible, even on YouTube. In all fairness I’m only looking for marijuana videos of Stephen Colbert, but I watch the show frequently and know he talks about it from time to time. Maybe The Colbert Report censors the videos. Who knows. Either way, if there are any TWB readers out there that have recordings or know of where to find like a ‘Stephen Colbert marijuana highlight video,’ this nerd would love to see one so I can smoke some Stephen Colbert marijuana strain in his name!


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