November 24, 2012

Remember When People Grew Marijuana For Quality Not Quantity?

November 24, 2012
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cannabis gardenTwo days ago an older friend came and visited me for the first time in awhile. He had a nugget of some of the finest marijuana I have seen in the last five to ten years. He didn’t know what strain it was, but quite frankly, I didn’t care because it was so good. The smell, the look, the taste – it was all there. I told him how it’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen marijuana that good and asked him where he got it. He gave me a classic story about his friend ‘grew it, but he doesn’t sell it because it takes so long to harvest and yields so much.’ He went on to say ‘he only grows it so he has it for his best friends and for special occasions.’

It’s been years since I heard someone say those words. It seems like everyone and their grandma grows marijuana now, and almost all of them are growing for high yields. That’s not to say that those same growers don’t want the best quality too, but when it comes to motivation, quantity over quantity is the name of the game these days. Profit and greed have taken over. I’ve heard many, many growers boast about how much yield they got per plant, only to quickly follow it up with something like ‘it isn’t the best, but I got so much of it that it more than makes up for it.’

That’s fine from a profiteer standpoint, but as someone that doesn’t grow anymore, yet wants to ride the highest high, I wish more people would be like the first grower as opposed to the second grower. There is SO MUCH mediocre marijuana on the West Coast right now it’s insane. If I see someone’s ‘monster Blue Dream harvest’ one more time, and it’s not top shelf but there’s ‘a lot of it,’ I’m going to start naming names lol. OK, not really, but seriously people, where’s the growers that are growing for the best quality possible, period? I know you are out there. I have seen some Kosher Kush in Colorado that fit the bill, and there are a couple of growers I know here in Oregon that are coming with it.

What about in your area? Have you seen a decrease in quality but an increase in quantity in your area? Do you still know people that have been coming the same way for over a decade? Do you know of a safe access point that is packing the top shelf nugs? If so, feel free to give a shout out!


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