December 1, 2011

Smoking Spice Out Of Desperation Doesn’t Pay Off

December 1, 2011
synthetic marijuana, spice, k2

Some of my friends went to Las Vegas recently, and they wanted me to put out a marijuana public service announcement of sorts. Of the four people that went, two of them consume marijuana almost never, and the other two smoke marijuana everyday like they were in a marijuana smoke-a-thon. The two marijuana consumers are from Oregon, and they smoke only the finest marijuana that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

As any day in day out West Coast marijuana consumer will tell you, getting good marijuana in Las Vegas is not an easy task. Sure, people can get synthetic drugs all day in Vegas very easily. However, when you combine Nevada’s harsh marijuana laws and tourist demand with the almost 0 humidity climate, it can prove almost impossible to get a deal on some real good marijuana.

One of the guys smuggled some marijuana kief in his baggage in hopes of sprinkling it on the horrible local if he could purchase some. It was risky, and it wasn’t much, but it would help. The other guy was confident that he had a friend down there that would help him out. The sneaker kief move worked really well (expect an article with how he did it in the near future), but the local friend connection did not.

The guys had about a gram and a half of kief but nothing to smoke it with. They needed it to last the week long trip, and didn’t want to use it all really fast. They text me and asked if I could help, and the only advice I had was to use ‘Spice’ as a plug. For those of you that have been living under a bridge, ‘Spice’ is basically the same thing as K2, synthetic marijuana, or any other name that it goes by. Some people say that it’s genetically different, but to be honest, no one really knows what the hell it is. Since it’s ‘not for human consumption,’ the makers of ‘Spice’ don’t have to identify what goes in it like FDA approved products.

synthetic marijuana

The guys bought three kinds while they were there, and this is what they had to say, copied and pasted from a Facebook message they both sent me:

Guy Number 1 – This is the worst shit ever. How can people survive off this? My throat is absolutely killing me after five days of this nasty shit. The kief ran out fairly fast, and we were down to just smoking the potpourri fakeness. We smoke bowl after bowl of all three kinds, and it didn’t do anything except make me feel sick. I don’t know if there are other brands that are any good, but these three were like smoking bammer weed as teenagers.

Guy Number 2 – All 3 were nasty. Luckily I found a guy down there that sold Kush. It was expensive as hell – 20 bucks for a gram I’d say – but I was thankful to finally get high after the kief ran out. To those kids and people ducking the piss test, if this is all you have to smoke, you’re better off not smoking anything. Keep fighting the green fight my friends!

Take their testimonials for what you will. Like I said, I LIVE to smoke marijuana everyday all day, and I can attest that these guys do too. So stay away from that K2, K3, soon to be K4, Spice soon to be called ‘flake,’ or some other madness. Whatever it says on the label, if it isn’t REAL marijuana, then don’t smoke it. Instead, plan ahead, and fight for legalization in your area so that someday, we may all travel and be able to purchase marijuana like any other non-dangerous item in the stores!


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