March 1, 2012

Support America By Supporting A Medical Cannabis Dispensary

March 1, 2012
Americans Want Trump to Respect State Cannabis Laws

American Flag PotleafThe best cannabis is grown in America

Awhile back, I heard a report on how spending your dollar locally does more for a community than shopping at a big chain retailer. As a matter of fact, for every dollar you spend locally, 57 cents stays locally verses 32 cents. Chains like Wal-mart, Target, and Costco have multiple lawyers and executive officers and it’s all based out of state, or worse China. Think about it, the local merchants spend their money on local lawyers, local suppliers, etc… I contend than that a dollar spent at a dispensary is a dollar spent in America, for America. Imagine if we kept over half of a dollar spent in the states and not overseas to support some toxic country.

In this day and age of the pill popping fast food industry Wal-mart America, any medical practitioner should and could find something wrong with you that could qualify you for medical marijuana, this says nothing about the practice of medicine but on our surrounding environment. Marijuana can and could help rebuild any local community/economy. These taxes can help build roads and fill in funding for all those socialist programs hardcore right wingers are against, education included.

To all the teabaggers, occupiers, and the rest of the pissed off, overworked/underpaid, unemployed, under/over educated American: if you want to help get rid of the most destructive force that holds back millions of Americans every year, help debunk the myths and lies provided by your local government and lame stream media (all of it).

The medical marijuana legal model isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty fucking good. Safe access is better for the smoker and non-smoker, every citizen wins. I’m not simply saying this from a stoner’s perspective, but as a contributing part of society.. a citizen if you will. When the green rush originally happened in southern California, the biggest negative complaint was they were all over the place (hmm, kind of like liquor stores). It wasn’t that random riots were breaking out, or that there were more vehicular slaughters those years, but that there were too many dispensaries. Wow, state legal growers and users did not cause the downfall of California.

As I smoke a cone spliff from one of my favorite dispensaries, (West Coast Wellness) I contemplate its origins. I look at the bag it was packed in and on the bottom is stamped “Made in the U.S.A.” I look at some of the plastic bottles my herb comes in and it says “Made in the U.S.A.”

washington medical marijuanaSmoking pot is a lot like drinking Jack Daniels 100 years ago, one of the most American things you can do. Even if I didn’t write, I would be supporting my local economy by frequenting as many dispensaries as i could; each one is a different experience. When I make a donation to each collective, I guarantee the herb comes from an American grower. In the Northwest, as well as in California, the American weed is superior in quality compared to the massed produce illegal Mexican weed; you pay for what you get. With the luxury of dispensaries, I’m not obligated to buy a large quantity, I can support different growers by buying a gram of each, not a bag of 28.34952319 (haha) grams of one product. The dollar speaks volumes and right now it says “Made in America.”

What makes marijuana good is still intact under the medical blanket of acceptance. Here in Washington, we’re coming up on a legalization initiative and, if it passes, it could possibly change America’s perspective on weed. I just fear what that will do to the quality of my bud. No matter what happen,s nothing will change until individuals are protected in the workplace as well as in their homes and on the streets. If I-502 passes, it may interfere with a lot of productive patient’s lives but it would still be kind of awesome to be able to be in possession without fear of getting arrested.

I live in Washington. The law isn’t perfect but can’t we work on it?

True Story

Marijuana legalization is not perfect and not just for the fact that if I got pulled over with 10 pounds (which ain’t shit), I could be imprison for long time), but the uniformity of acceptance that occurs is getting there.

Recently on my travels for the “real job” it was on the eastern side of Washington. On the second day of a 10 day trip I ran out of medicine, that thing that makes everything else better in this sullen world. Anyways, I was in Spokane, WA and figured if I needed any weed I could just bring my prescription and go to a dispensary there, not so.

For some reason the city of Spokane has decided to turn its back on dispensaries and dispensary owners. The authorities in that city are convinced that marijuana is bad, that by keeping it out that would reduce crime in a city already plagued with problems.

I arrived after all the raids and threats to landlords that made it uncomfortable and unsafe for dispensary owners, so every dispensary listing I found before I left was no good. In need of medicine, I turned to Weed Maps. Despite finding no physical dispensaries, I found an awesome collective called CCCMMP that was able to help me out, after proper verification of my status. I had the strain known as Cotton Candy. which was a beautiful, thick, and sticky bud with beautiful trichomes and hairs. I left a review under the name Just_a_dude, the 2 day verification I mentioned was just to give them time to do so, nothing worse than being an unverified patient.

The medical platform isn’t perfect but it’s not horrible either. If every consumer of cannabis went out-of-their-way to get a medical prescription, the revenue could, would, and will speak volumes to a local economy. There aren’t many excuses for not seeking out a medical prescription. From indigent to wealthy, I’ve seen all types’ frequent dispensaries.

The losing battle for proper legalization is the little guy paying taxes. The more dispensaries that don’t, or try to evade paying a small fee to the state (tax), the more the state will want some big corporate to take over in order to assure a piece of the pot. This just hurts the cause. The cause being the individual’s right to be an individual in their own home; the right to be a farmer, gardener, simple business of nature without the interference of men.

The smoke cannot be mass produced with pesticides, shitty soil, and bugs. It has to be loved and cared for, quality over quantity. The government’s position is corporations are people and nature is a crime, I’ll pass on anything that interferes with the quality of bud I can get now. You can’t get greedy with bud… well you can, but eventually it will reflect in your quality, and that is what will determine your success.

Marijuana/weed/ganja/giggle weed/devil weed/etc…. whatever it is, whatever you want to call it, its gaining greater and greater acceptance. Owning a dispensary should be just as honorable as owning a bar, if not more so. Being a grower should come with the same respect as being a rancher. Being a smoker should be just as common as cigarettes, I smoke but not cigarettes.

The model for present day legalization isn’t perfect but the weed is.


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