October 26, 2011

The Marijuana Strikes Back

October 26, 2011
weed man
weed man

Do you know of any marijuana superheroes? Everyone loves a good superhero. In Seattle we have our own Batman but he’s only breaking up fights, stopping bus hijacks, and stopping other messed up violence. Recently he’s been unmasked as a MMA fighter, so overall badass.He goes by the name Phoenix Jones.

With sidekick Purple Reign (a.k.a wife) in tow they tour the city at night because we all know nothing good happens after midnight. Recently he’s been arrested and unmasked, which has changed the tables: either he’s a brilliant self marketer or just a dude that kicks ass — I’ll go with the latter.

Where is the marijuana super hero? The guy that fights for the rights of stoners, against an unjust law. What would his powers be?

I recently took a pic surrounded by some pot plants while wearing a Mexican wrestling mask and it occurred to me that it’s me and a million like me. We at THE Weed Blog are like mild manner superheroes. By day we are men and women holding down regular jobs, being mothers and fathers, role models in our perspective communities but by night blazing glory.

It would be nice if there was a Bluntman and Chronic for pot smokers though. As a smoker, I have no rights but I have faith.

Recently I forgot to put the Do not disturb sign up on my hotel room door. After working a 12 hour day the only thing I was looking forward to was smoking a bowl and lounging in the spa. Instead I came back to a made bed and missing bud container and pipe — who do I call? It’s partly my bad for not having a green card in a state where I could but people shouldn’t steal. If I had my card I could make a scene in the lobby and interrupt that maid’s life or even write an angry letter (which I still may do). Even though I’m angry I have to write it off, I just hope they smoked it and not waste.

The Great Steve Elliott
The Great Steve Elliott

Even though there isn’t a pot superhero there are people that try like Henry Hemp: you really have to have a large set of balls to walk around in a pot-leaf foamy. Than there’s always AZ NORML’s Marijuana Man spreading the word through coolness. Folks like us at THE Weed Blog or the likes of Steve Elliott from Toke of the town. We’re just trying to get a piece of that marijuana pie that taste so good.

The only Super hero I want is the one that can make it legal and safe for all to use. Which is what we all want (if you made it this far you should).

Marijuana legalization is not the end all end but it could be an interesting beginning. Every once in a while I learn a tid bit that keeps me going. It lets me know I’m not a complete mess for believing in herb. Did you know Red Robin (yummmmmmm) is originally from Seattle, Wa? Before it was a restaurant it was a tavern, a hang out for college students and locals. The original mascot is a far cry from the present day googly eyed mascot, it was a red eyed bird holding a jay: this is my Batman.


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