July 7, 2010

TWB Commentary: Smoke ’em if you got ’em

July 7, 2010
eat the baby

A holiday weekend has passed here in the states. I hope everyone in the US had a decent Fourth of July and everyone abroad to. I did. Spent mine doing the most American thing possible; drinking beer, barbecuing, smoking pot and playing with the kids. I’m glad to report that no one died. Despite popular belief I did not smoke pot than put my baby in the microwave.

Perhaps one of the worse things about reefer madness propaganda is marijuana turns you into a bad person. Truth is, if you’re fucked in the head, you’re just fucked in the head. If anything let marijuana into the prison system worse case scenario no license plates get made for awhile.

Over the Fourth of July I smoked the last of my marijuana. The two ounces I thought were coming got caught up in bullshit land. My dealer/hook-up/whatever you wanna call it, either got busted or turned into a crack head. These things are unfortunately expected. For awhile there he was solely dealing pot but to make fast money he started selling coke to (that my friends is just bad juju). Remember that scene in Half-Baked when Dave Chappelle stands in front of a group and says “I’m here today cause I’m addicted. Addicted to marijuana.” Than some little black dude jumps up and says “Hell no! You’re here for some marijuana. Marijuana! Man, this is some bullshit.” Than Bob Saget stands up and says “Marijuana is not a drug. I use to suck dick for coke.”

Anything that makes you contemplate sucking a dick can’t be good.

You may ask yourself, why doesn’t he just find another dealer? And I probably could, but sometimes you just got to treat things like a sign. When I first moved out here in Arizona I couldn’t find weed for the life of me than as I figured things out it was all around me (and still is) but finding another hook up is a lot of rigmarole I don’t feel like going through right now. Instead I want to focus on my activist activities without fear of a workplace drug test or police raid on my house.

For the past three years since I’ve been out of the military I’ve been high every day. During the work week its pipe loads at night and during my time off joints for out in town and pipe loads at home. It just kills me the delusions that politicians and extreme conservatives choose to live, hence why I choose to fight the good fight. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up marijuana. If I happen to be driving down the I-10 and see a 100lb bundle of weed (which I pray for everyday) I’ve just scored. I’m just pulling myself out of the game. The game of cat and mouse, cloak and dagger to find my bag of goodness.

So at the end of Fourth of July night I was down to smoking resin. I use to always look down on the bowl scrapers because in the back of my head I would think “There will always be more when I need it”. Never once have I honestly considered that I would be out, ‘till now.

The following words will sound like a junkies ( b : a person who derives inordinate pleasure from or who is dependent on something <sugar junkie> <television news junkie>: Websters Dictionary) but its why people scrape bowls. You don’t never know when you’re gonna get your next fix. At least that’s what I figure.

One of the bigger things that happen for me this holiday was I had my first real marijuana discussion with my son. Now some may say it wasn’t a discussion but if you have kids you know they remember every fucking word you say. He asked me what the 420 means at the end of my gamertag and I explained its somethings kids don’t have to worry about (keep in mind he’s 9). I explained its the equivolent of daddy writing Miggy-beer or Miggy-Tequila. Than he said “So its beer”, I said “No but we’ll talk about it when your older.” There are multiple reasons to lie to your kid and this is a one: Why lay all the political bullshit on them so young? Instead I want them to focus on learning things for what they are and than they’ll be their own judge.

People want to blame marijuana for the root of all evil. The only evil thing about marijuana are the laws and propaganda that has surrounded it for years. Blaming marijuana for society woos is like blaming the government, the housing bubble, and El Nino for my incredible debt. Nothing has anything to do with the other. Its my lack of inability to say no to my wife and kids that puts me in debt. That’s why I got a 5000 dollar Donzi boat that’s a big paperweight in my yard. Or how about blaming McDonald’s for making me fat, damn you dollar cheeseburger and your gross fatty goodness.

The fact is there are intelligent smokers, drinkers, and just sober people out there. As well as the ones that are complete fucking idiots like this guy.H e was naked and drunk at work in the middle of the night with pot in his car. He did have a job up ’till than.

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet it is our duty to see justice brought back to the plant. I often equate being a smoker to being gay 10 years ago in the workplace. Its illogical that I have to hide such a thing. There’s that wall we need to knock down showing people that being a smoker does not make you Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

‘Till next time, stay true, stay high, my friend.


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