September 26, 2011

TWB Commentary: One Of These Kids Is Doing Their Own Thing

September 26, 2011
Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas“This shouldn’t be an issue” is what comes to mind when I heard about Joe Jonas’s alleged pot smoking in a NY Club. Unfortunately if you’re an entertainer/athlete anything you do will make news but smoking pot shouldn’t be one of them. Since there’s an evil stigma passed on throughout the years, anybody famous (especially child actors that aren’t children anymore) are considered reckless for smoking pot.

Kind of reminds me of when Joe (a.k.a Steve Burns) left Blue’s Clues (to the dismay of millions of parents, to pursue his music career – which I’m sure involved plenty of pot smoking, have you heard his music?), entertainers for children are people to.

Remember Miley Cyrus? How many times did she get chastised for growing up? Than we have those that grew up quietly (kind of sort of) and came out pro marijuana like Justin Timberlake.

It just bothers me that this is news or even an issue in America. Writing for theweedblog I’m preaching to the choir but we need to take the shock and ahh shit out of marijuana. Hopefully by now you’ve signed the online petition on the Whitehouse website but there has to be more done and I don’t know what. Groups like NORML and MPP have made a great stance, even though they have a fundamental difference which is just lawyer lingo – in the end we all just want to free the weed.

With rising deaths from the use of spice the “legal marijuana”, you think conservatives would wake up. People need to wake up and not be offended when these kid role models are caught smoking pot -Instead this should be an opportunity for discussion.

This post is more a chaotic rambling of shit I want to bring to your awareness, sometimes the illegalization brings out the turrets in me, especially when there are sick people going to jail for it. #&*$!


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