July 10, 2010

TWB Commentary: Smoke and Mirrors

July 10, 2010
norml remember prohibition

Day 4 of no marijuana and its kind of depressing. Not jump off a building or stick my head in an oven depressing but the depressing that is mixed with sadness and anger. Let me elaborate, its kind of sad knowing if I was in one of 3 neighboring states with my medical record I could achieve the daily peace I want. It’s angering because of the slant that’s been put on it for years and years. Pot makes you crazy, pot is a gateway drug, etc… Is the rest of the nation that ignorant?

Everyday I Google and Yahoo the words marijuana, cannabis, pot, and as of late Marc Emery. The latter because they (Jodie and Marc Emery) have asked this of their supporters which will add to that great big logarithm in the sky and the first ones because I would like to see what kind of daily buzz there is on something that shouldn’t be an issue.

Recently a poll came out that says the majority of California voters are not in favor of legalizing pot which seems kinds of fishy to me from a state that is in a deficit and was a mecca for peace, love and happiness in the 60’s. The most disconcerting part is let us say the poll is true, its only after a recent report put out by the RAND Corporation stating marijuana prices will drop and smokers will go up if it is legalized. Which leads to propaganda articles by such papers like the Christian Monitor.

My question is; how did they come to these magical conclusions because I want that time machine for my stock predictions. What the RAND Corporation probably fails to take into consideration is #1 growing anything is pretty fucking hard and #2 we as Americans are generally lazy. Not lazy in the sense that no one wants to work but that of in our high-speed internet, fast-food culture we live in if it can be got at a store that’s how we’ll get it. I mean really its not like microbreweries have taken Budweiser or any other big name beer out of business. So again, something seems rotten in Denmark or rather in the United States.

Seems to me the RAND Corporation has perfect timing with an upcoming vote and setting fears without substantial facts. Even if marijuana dropped to 38 dollars an ounce the state and county would tax the shit out of it and people would still pay 100 to 200 for some legal killer green bud. There should have been a disclaimer before they put out those results saying “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, pay no attention at all.” At least than I wouldn’t feel a warm fuzzy as someone is blowing smoke up the nation’s ass.

As discouraging as all this crap seems I still have and get hope for a common sense approach towards marijuana. Hope from you the reader involved in TWB, hope from Jonathan Dine who is running for senator in Missouri and claims to want to legalize it. There are people out there willing to take the risk (I don’t consider it risk though) instead of just saying no based off of fear and conjecture.

Its up to every single one of us to some how get involved. You may or may not know I’ve recently come into a personal drought. I’ve decided to embrace it and consider it homage to Marc Emery and everyone else who has been or is locked up for a pound or two. My hope is Arizona is wise up this upcoming November and I’ll be able to find that special doctor, pay my fees and walk away a proud card carrying member of the not a criminal club but like I’ve said before if I stumble across a pound “Its mine! All mine!”.


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