October 19, 2010

TWB Commentary: ¡Viva la Revolucion’!

October 19, 2010
california vertical integration

By now you all of heard Eric Holder’s position on what will happen if California does “legalize it” and you’ve heard the dissenting view from the douchebag LA Sheriff Baca and how he’ll go against the will of the people if/when Prop. 19 passes. All of this is disheartening noise and I say “fuck ’em”.

Business will go on as usual the next day. Wake up, go to work/school (or whatever you do all day), go home and smoke a bowel (or whatever your preferred way of ingesting is). Wanna protest the man? Screw the system? The best way to do that is be a productive citizen.

Get a job, get educated, volunteer in your neighborhood and vote. You don’t have to be a stereotype (young, old, black, white, mocha) – no matter how easy it is.

Can’t get a job? What’s your skill? – And no, jerking off to porn while gaming isn’t one. Nobody wants to hear a rap song about some dude that wakes up and pays his bills but that’s the eventual stoner no one ever hears of – there’s nothing funny in that. But seriously, examine yourself, what can I do? Most want to be a rockstar but whose really in a garage jamming and putting it down everyday. Everybody wants to have made Microsoft, Yahoo, or even Faceook but whose trying? Find something you like and learn it in and out. If you’re young – enjoy what you got. If you’re old – do the same. But the key to all success is doing something everyday for the sake of doing it and than enjoy a nice bowel (unless you’re holding out for that pee test).

Not old enough to vote? Vote with your remote: See a political or Walmart commercial, change the channel. Got money? Spend it on somebody worthwhile. You vote with every movement, with every commercial, with every dollar spent – corporations are listening. Speak with your actions that don’t involve yelling.

Let me tell you, its not as grim as the TV tells you but it takes lots of work. Right when you think you’re done there will be something else, so enjoy moments when you can.

I’m fortunate enough to have reached a goal and if the moon and the stars align right will be a proud card carrying member in about a month.

The fact is with all the nay sayers, a lot of the supposed educated world has proven ignorant with marijuana. With contrived prices and wasted funds attacking it – some people will never know. This could almost be compared to all of us saying the world isn’t flat.

Remember ¡viva la Revolucion!


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