August 29, 2015

What Is The Most Popular Way To Consume Marijuana?

August 29, 2015
old lady marijuana

old lady marijuanaThere has been a debate that has existed in the marijuana world since probably the very beginning. I know that a lot of ancient civilizations consumed marijuana in one way or another, and I’d imagine that even back then people debated the following question – what is the best way to consume marijuana? If cavemen consumed marijuana, then I can almost guarantee that they argued about which was the best way to consume that marijuana.

I know people that only consume via a vaporizer. I also know people that will only use devices that involve water filtration. There of course are people that will consume marijuana in just about every way imaginable. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine recently conducted a survey asking, among other questions, which method of consumption people preferred. The survey involved 4,269 people. Below are the results:

Results: Overall, 7.2% of respondents reported current marijuana use; 34.5% reported ever use. Among current users, 10.5% reported medicinal-only use, 53.4% reported recreational-only use, and 36.1% reported both. Use of bowl or pipe (49.5%) and joint (49.2%) predominated among current marijuana users, with lesser use of bong, water pipe, or hookah (21.7%); blunts (20.3%); edibles/ drinks (16.1%); and vaporizers (7.6%); 92.1% of the sample reported combusted-only marijuana use

People could provide multiple methods, so obviously those percentages don’t add up to 100%, just in case anyone was too high to do the math right now. What do TWB readers think? Do you think that pipes and joints are the most popular forms of consumption, in that order? I think that while vaporizers and edibles are not as popular right now, they are growing in popularity everyday and may eventually pass pipes and joints. With all of that being said, I’m about to head out to my garage for a dab hit off of a nail.


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