June 16, 2020

Rose City Justice Demands: Reinvest Oregon Marijuana Tax Revenue

June 16, 2020
Portland Black Lives Matter March

Portland City Council met last week to approve a budget including the amendments to defund $15M from Portland Police Bureau (PPB).  But, Commissioner Chloe Eudaly voted no, stating, “I cannot support this budget” and that more work needed to be done. Now, the budget’s adoption will come back for a second reading and final vote this week. Stripped of its emergency clause, the budget can then pass on a majority vote.  

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Rose City Justice has joined up with organizations like Unite Oregon issuing a list of demands which are urging the council to consider amid a national uprising over police brutality. The Demands include:

  • Defund the PPB
  • Reinvest in Black Futures
  • Protect Our Communities from Violence

Divest | ReInvest | Protect

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The City Council Meeting is set for this Wednesday, June 17th, and Unite Oregon along with Rose City Justice will be meeting downtown again to support their demands.  You can show support by clicking here to contact Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland City Commissioners.  

As Commissioner Eudaly said, “While I do support the amendments, these are low-hanging fruit, and I don’t believe they go far enough.  This moment demands bold action, and we didn’t rise to that challenge. I can’t support this budget. I support these amendments but I vote no.”  Many advocates are encouraging a $50M cut from the PPB budget.  

slave owner Thomas Jefferson
This week protestors toppled a statue of Thomas Jefferson stating that “slave owners should not have statues”.

Portland’s budget process is happening just as thousands of people all of the world have called for more police oversight in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis almost three weeks ago. Protesters around the nation and in Portland have called for leaders to defund the police.

Marijuana Tax Oregon

Oregon Marijuana tax revenue sales that occur throughout the state are broken up into funding for law enforcement, mental health programs, and education.  The allocation of cannabis tax revenue is capped for education at 40% currently, but should only increase as does the tax revenue.  Additionally, Rose City Justice is demanding that the cannabis tax revenue is divested from law enforcement and dedicated to education and health programs in the communities hardest hit and disproportionately affected by the drug war.  

Portland Cannabis

The cannabis industry in Portland includes many businesses.  Since the protests that have taken over the City’s streets, thanks to the Rose City Justice League and the Black Lives Matter movement, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced the city would redirect $12 million from the city’s police department and pledged the funds toward supporting communities of color.

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