January 25, 2021

Two In Three Texans Support Legalizing Marijuana To Fund Schools Poll Shows

January 25, 2021
Two in Three Texans Support Legalizing Marijuana To Fund Schools, Poll Shows.

In a recent poll, it was found that two out of every three Texans would put legalized marijuana revenue towards schools. 

Marijuana Supporters From Activism to Enthusiasts Alike in Texas

64% of Texans voted for legal marijuana sales revenue to be put towards schools boosting the education of grades K-12. Out of 1,034 people who were surveyed, a large majority agreed that their needs to be more funding for education. This poll went on to show that only 35% of Texans disagree with putting this “sin tax” (legit what they called it) towards a higher education enlightenment. It should be noted that this was not the only issue that was polled on. In fact, the poll covers a vast number of different opportunities for taxable income to be put towards schools. Provided is the results to the poll below:

  • 78% voted for a new tax on vaping devices
  • 77% voted for tobacco tax increase
  • 66% voted to legalize and tax casino gambling
  • 64% voted for alcoholic beverages taxes
  • 64% voted to legalize and tax marijuana
  • 50% voted for state corporate tax increase
  • 46% voted for the new tax on sugary beverages
  • 36% voted for hotel occupancy tax increase
  • 21% voted for motor vehicle sales and rental taxes increase
  • 18% voted for sales tax increase
  • 18% voted for a motor fuels tax increase

Marijuana taxation being on par with an alcoholic taxation is a huge win for marijuana activism. Considering how big Texas is, as well as their population, and how they have normally voted on issues, it’s nice to be reassured that people are coming around to cannabis. 

Learning the Latest on Cannabis Perception in Texas

Heather Fazio who is the director of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy wanted to say, “these new poll results reaffirm what many of us have known for some time: Texans are ready for marijuana legalization.” Marijuana is becoming more and more of a bipartisan issue every day, and this can be backed up with some statistics. Democrats, and those who are liberal, have about 75% of the support for legalization for increased school funding. Independents have around 71% of their base supporting this. And, Republicans, and those who are moderate, make up 66% of their base also supporting legalization for increased school funding. 

Heather Fazio continued to say that, “As we move forward, it’s important to balance our desire to generate revenue with our desire to stamp out the underground market. Sensible regulation and reasonable tax rates will give us the best shot at bringing the market for cannabis into the light of day, protecting consumers and disempowering cartels.” A recent analysis found that if Texas were to follow Colorado’s model for legalization, the state could generate more that $1.1 billion in revenue for the state. That’s a lot of money to fix the broken education system that has plagued the state. 

However, the key needed to unlock this magnificent door, resides in the pockets of many. One of those pockets is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R), who heads the Senate, continues to make it very clear that the Senate has very little interest in passing any kind of marijuana legalization. When the House had put forward a cannabis decriminalization bill in 2019, the Senate almost immediately shut it down. Until then, all we can do is hope. So spread awareness, promote activism, and become a marijauana enthusiast so we can live in a world where this plant is not illegal!  

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