July 1, 2012

How To Crutch A Joint

July 1, 2012
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crutch a jointBy Monterey Bud

Every “How To Roll A Joint” manual tells you to start off with all the materials you need to complete the job, and this is no different.

What you will need:

Herb — Use whatever kind you like to roll up. If you use buds you will need to grind the weed in a grinder, cut it up with scissors, or tear it up with your fingers, which is the stickiest of all the options.

Papers — Choose the size for the occasion because papers come in all sizes. I like the endless roll papers, these are on a roll and you can make joints whatever length you want just by simply rolling out more paper. The down side to the endless roll is for those who like a thicker joint, the paper only gets longer not wider. Don’t worry thick joint lovers, there are options for you as well. The Kings Size Zig-Zag papers are 2 inches wide instead of the standard 1 ½ inches and if you need it even wider than that and you are not interested in using the casing of a cigar than just double up your papers. By licking papers and sticking them together you can make a joint paper big enough to compare with the Cheech and Chong Big Bambu album rolling paper. If you have four ounces and some good friends I say go for it.

Scissors — The pointier the scissors the better. Small sewing scissors work the best; I like Snip Snap scissors because they fold up and work well for joints on the go. The scissors will be used to cut the crutch and open it once it is in place.

Cardboard or thick paper — Crutches can be found anywhere, I like to use junk mail postcards. Most none corrugated cardboard works, like the back of a notebook.

Joint and crutch supplies

Now that all of the materials are gathered it is time to make it so nobody burns their fingers or lips on a joint again.

Rolling a joint with a crutch is very similar to rolling a joint without one. The only difference is leaving enough room to insert the crutch at one of the ends of the joint after it is done being rolled. How I prepare the joint for doing this is by poking the weed to one side with my free hand after I have filled the paper. If this is the method you use you will want to make sure not to roll the end without weed smaller than the rest of the joint. If you don’t want to worry about leaving room and rolling the joint too tightly you can roll the joint just like you would if you were not inserting a crutch, but after you are done rolling the joint use the scissors to push the weed down making room for the crutch. This method is problematic if you the weed is too dense or if the joint is rolled too tight.

Now you should have a joint that has a little bit of hollow area at one end for the crutch. Hold your crutch material to the end of the joint like a ruler that is measuring the hollow area to the end. That is how tall your crutch will be; make a notch with your scissors on the crutch material to mark where to cut. Starting at your mark, cut to the desired length that is appropriate for the thickness of your joint. For a standard cigarette sized joint I use no more than an inch of crutch material. If you cut too long of a crutch it will be too big to fit into the joint or it can block air flow and make the joint hard to smoke. Take the cut piece of crutch material and roll it in your fingers as tightly as you can. Then insert the rolled crutch into the hollow end of the joint letting it unroll after it is inserted. Finally take your scissors and open them wide so that you can insert one end of them into the center of your crutch, and in a circular motion open the crutch so that it is tight against the walls of the joint paper.

Your perfectly crutched joint is complete and ready for smoking. It doesn’t take too much longer than rolling without one and the comfort and looks pay you back for the couple extra minutes.

This post originally appeared on Marijuana.com and was republished with special permission.


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