How To Roll A Joint With A Crutch


Since legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis, more and more people are coming into the fold of becoming regular toker. As use becomes more prevalent, I feel the responsibility as a long-time smoker to spread education on cannabis use, so people can safely consume that good-good knowing exactly what to expect. I don't think anyone wants another dumb reporter eating too much edible chocolate again.

Along with knowing the effects of the strain, I feel like it's important to spread the techniques of smoking. I, personally, love rolling blunts just as much as I love smoking them. However, a good crutched joint can do the trick just fine.

Below is a video by We Grow on how to roll a joint with a crutch - something that I have yet to master. We grow makes short, step by step, marijuana tutorial videos that don't drag on. They also have fun videos like the "We Grow on the go" series and "dabbin with Chels."

Now get to smoking that silky roll!