March 30, 2010

What Is A Saliva Test And How Do I Pass One?

March 30, 2010
A mouth swab drug test can be used to detect marijuana use.

A saliva test or a mouth swab drug test is a form of drug testing in which an employer, parent, or law official will swab the inside of your mouth (usually the cheek tissue) and collect saliva to see if you have been using drugs. While this test might seem scary, it’s the saliva drug test to be the least afraid of.

There are stories of people having smoked marijuana the same day and still passing a saliva drug test test! Not to say that you should take any drug test lightly—even the least effective ones still have a chance of detecting THC and seriously putting a damper on your day. 

How Accurate is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

A saliva drug test is administered with a swab. The swab is, well, swabbed around your cheeks and  saturated with your saliva to collect little particles of whatever has been in your mouth over the last couple of hours. If the test finds that an amount of THC in your saliva above a ‘confirmation cutoff’ then you’re in trouble. Luckily, the test is only meant to detect recent cannabis usage, once again, within the last few hours. Though the window for passing a mouth swab drug test is narrow, don’t start getting cocky while airing out your hotboxed vehicle. 

Which Drugs Does The Mouth Swab Test For?

The saliva drug test is used to find THC and other many substances. The substances could include:

  • THC : cannabis, marijuana, pot
  • COC : cocaine and crack
  • OPI : heroin and opiates
  • AMP : amphetamines
  • MET/MDMA : methamphetamine and ecstasy

Does Suboxone Show Up on a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Even if it’s been more than a week after the last dose of Suboxone, it is important to note that it can still show up as a positive on your drug test results.

How to Pass a Swab Drug Test within 24 Hours of Consuming Marijuana?

Maybe. The saliva test is less than perfect .While there are stories of people smoking the day of and still passing, there are also stories of unfortunate souls who’ve not had weed detected in their saliva 72 hours after the fact!

How Far Back Will a Mouth Swab Drug Test Go?

Most resources on the topic claim that, although a day can be enough of a break to clear out the lining of your mouth, it’s best to play it as safe as you can.

A typical saliva test can find traces of weed in your mouth typically up to three days after you have last smoked. This is pretty optimistic as most people report having passed it only ONE day after smoking. But if you want our advice, we say play it safe and just chill for a week. While you can’t smoke that good kush, you can indulge in a nice dosage of any CBD product!

How Does a Mouth Swab Drug Test Work

A saliva test works by finding THC compounds in the saliva present inside your mouth, so if there are none left, then you’re clear. Passing a saliva test, then, is a game of getting your mouth as clear of substances as possible. Time is certainly one way to do it: natural saliva production and normal eating, drinking, and teeth-brushing will clear out your mouth eventually, but trusting one day to do the job is definitely living on the edge. 

Are There Ways To Pass A Saliva Test That Don’t Involve Not Smoking?

Oral drug screen tests are used because they’re noninvasive and simple to administer. While some different sources provide alternatives, nothing we’re mentioning here is a strictly gospel. There’s not a whole lot of well-funded empirical evidence on how to trick or beat a drug test, but here’s some do’s and don’t after you blaze a doobie a couple days before a saliva drug test for THC. 

Drink Water – As with any drug test involving your fluids, drinking lots of water is the critical first step. Drinking more water will produce higher amounts of saliva which will help flush out your mouth, naturally. Swishing water around is also a good way to help clean yourself out.

Eating – THC binds to fat molecules, so getting oils or fats in your mouth acts like a magnet to pick up all the little particles which you can then flush out. This doesn’t mean running to the pantry for the canola oil. Eating some greasy food is one of the best ways to keep your mouth clear of cannabinoids. Remember to drink water while enjoying that burger, too.

Mouthwash/Listerine – Mouthwash and listerine don’t really do anything that water doesn’t, and if your mouthwash has alcohol in it, saliva tests look for that too. Stick with water, mouthwash is not recommended.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen Peroxide is one of several compounds referred to as ‘adulterants’. Adulterants have a nasty habit of making drug tests come back inconclusive. In cases where you were pulled over, for instance, rinsing with a safe hydrogen peroxide mouthwash solution has a decent chance of fooling a drug test in the most dire circumstances (meaning: you got caught driving right after smoking, shameful) but should be saved for emergencies.

Can A Saliva Test Detect Cannabis?

Yes, a saliva test can be used to successfully find traces of THC present in your mouth space. Of all the drug testing solutions employers use, the saliva test is the easiest to pass if you are concerned about THC detection.

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If you have any more tips or tricks, feel free to post them here for all to read and benefit from.


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