March 20, 2017

Cannabis Art: Todd Pearl is Setting Out to Draw Every Cannabis Strain Known to Mankind

March 20, 2017
cannabis strain design

Illustrator and brand developer Todd Pearl has set out to draw every cannabis strain design known to mankind. He’s done 24. Only about 700+ more to go!

“The whole idea of designing and illustrating provocative brands for individual marijuana strains started late last summer when a good friend, Mike Smith, asked if I could help him out,” says Todd Pearl, an award-winning brand developer/creative director who is currently promoting his creative juggernaut enterprise using You can see his professional portfolio at:

Mike suffers from a rare and painful chronic disease called Bechet’s syndrome. The regimen he relies on to make him feel somewhat normal and functional includes medical marijuana. Having a recommendation for medical use, he was able to grow a popular strain called “Girl Scout Cookies.” Being proud of his harvest, he entered the 2016 Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI (for medical patients only). His mason jar was filled with beautiful buds and emblazoned with a label designed and drawn by Todd. Mike didn’t place, but he got honorable mention.  Nonetheless, Todd was inspired.

“I immediately started researching and was amazed by the vast number of cannabis strains,” Todd says. “When I started reading all these clever and humorous names along with the interesting stories about the origin of each cannabis strain design, my brain couldn’t stop conjuring up images for each one.”

In 2016 Todd turned his vision quest into reality and began to design and draw the illustrations. He’s created 24 custom designs for some very popular strains, including Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Bruce Banner, Agent Orange, Master Kush, Durban Poison, Maui Wowie, and the rest that you can see all in one beautiful poster design. He has 48 more already in development. Todd is not daunted by the hundreds of strains that will keep him busy well into the future.

In the fall, Todd is launching to sell his catalog of each cannabis strain design that will include posters, stickers, apparel (individual strain designs on the various product), laptop cases, phone cases, etc. Todd will be donating 10% of net profits to medical marijuana and industrial hemp advocacy groups.Todd is also considering a once-a-month design contest for artists to submit their own cannabis strain design. Then have the community vote on their favorite. The winner would have their shirt printed and sold, and receive a cash award.

cannabis strain design

Todd is funding his project on He intends to generate the buzz by selling 18×24 posters and sticker art of the individual cannabis strain design featured in this first round of 24 designs. Todd also welcomes the interest of growers and dispensaries, to assist them in their branding needs.

“I really want to engage the cannabis community and make ‘em all smile along the way with a visual ‘story’ created for each strain,” Todd says.

You get the “picture” now. Literally. By supporting his Kickstarter project you can get an awesome poster, some cool stickers and digital screensavers. Keep an eye on The Todd Man, there are more designs to come. The cannabis strain brand development project continues. Stay tuned.


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