May 18, 2017

Safer Brand Offers Organic Products for Plants and the Planet

May 18, 2017
safer brand

Are you concerned about the potentially harmful effects of using insect control products filled with synthetic chemicals? You’re not alone. Growers everywhere are seeking alternatives such as organic pesticides for protecting their plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs from destructive insects.

The good news is that an environmentally conscious way to a bug-free organic garden is readily available. Safer Brand offers a line of effective organic gardening pest control products that contain natural ingredients. This company’s goal is to allow you to kill problem insects with the assurance that the sprays you are using are compliant for use in organic gardening.  Gardening is their passion…they believe in all things organic, not only for personal health, but for the well-being of the world.

Safer Brand has over 30 Years of gardening excellence and, aside from loving gardening and the planet in general, strives to be stewards of the environment.  Their mission is to provide products for use in organic gardening at a price point that agrees with the tight budgets of the modern world.

Most recently, Safer Brand donated their supplies to a cancer survivor program as it has been shown that gardening is one of the best things cancer survivors can do to contribute to their health and recovery.

Safer Brand was eager to help, explains Will Klinedinst, Category Associate for Safer Brand.

“When the Safer Brand team heard about what Harvest for Health is doing for cancer survivors, we were immediately onboard,” Klinedinst said. “Many of Safer® Brand’s gardening products are geared toward people who want to avoid synthetic chemicals, so it was a great match.”

After the two explored just what the program participants needed, the Safer® Brand team shipped out two pallets full of supplies. In the shipments were two key gardening products:

Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap– A ready-to-use spray that controls aphids and other small insect pests and is compliant for use in organic gardening.

Safer® Brand Garden Dust – An OMRI Listed® treatment that kills more than 20 species of vegetable-destroying caterpillars and worms.

Safer Brand Offers Organic Products for Plants and the Planet

Both of these products could be helpful to any gardeners who are trying to achieve a higher yield in their cannabis production through organic cultivation. The insect killing/insecticidal soap efficacy studies date back to 1981 which corresponds with Safer® Brand releasing the first insecticidal soap for the commercial market. Additionally, if you check into Google Ngram to trace the first burst of writings about insecticidal soap, you can see that they pair up exactly with the release of the Safer® Brand insecticidal soap. The soap  is listed on Colorado’s, Oregon’s, and Washington’s lists of pesticides approved for use on cannabis.

Also worth noting is that Safer® Brand offers a line of hydroponic nutrients that can compliment both the soap and the garden dust, which is outlined here.

This company is very involved in the community in several ways.  They offer a bi-annual educational scholarship to anyone pursuing higher education as well as a yearly garden grant to an elementary, middle, or high school looking to improve or re-vamp their gardens.

Safer Brand is still innovating today: we recently received a patent for our EndALL® insect killer, and we maintain an in-house lab where they run our efficacy studies and formula trials. Organics have a bit of a limited scope due to the USDA standards and they strive to innovate within the bounds of organic practice.

You can find out  more about Safer Brand here, or simply take a look at some of Ed Rosenthal’s publications where they have been featured.

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