June 9, 2017

What You Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

June 9, 2017
Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

What You Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

Nearly sixty percent of the North American population lives in an area where marijuana is legal to some degree, with a third of those enjoying legal recreational use. The dispensary industry in North America has sprung up practically overnight, creating jobs, opportunities and revenue streams for those in the know.

But it’s not an easy road. Anyone who is in the cannabis industry, on the retail side particularly, will tell what you need to know about opening a cannabis dispensary and running a business of this nature is filled with hurdles and lots of learning curves.  This market is heavily, but unevenly, regulated, and fly- by-night operations are not tolerated. How do you join the revolution while staying on the right side of the law?

A new ebook titled How to Open a Cannabis Dispensary will explain just that.  This thorough but efficient ebook goes over everything from legal issues to social considerations to common mistakes of opening a dispensary.  Additionally, it gives key resources that includes links to key data, organizations and standards by state to help you round out your knowledge and be as informed as possible.

Cova ebook

This ebook is designed to be a comprehensive primer on the emerging marijuana industry. Written by the experts at Cova, this ebook has researched and collated information from across the spectrum and is organized into broad categories.  The team has also provided reference links to essential resources.

Ty Hagan is the COO at PANK, a wholesale recreational company, and the owner of PACHA Cannabis Consulting.  Hagan explained, “Cova’s E-book is an essential read for anyone who is curious about venturing into the marijuana industry. In between late night dinner talks about starting a dispensary and writing a business plan, do yourself a favor and read this book. Cova is able to simplify the process of opening a dispensary without negating the hardships and unexpected expenses that come with it. From educating your staff on how to handle customers to hiring the right compliance officer, this book offers it all.”

Other industry professionals haves said things like, “this book is awesome. Good how-to book for beginning dispensary owners. Very detailed. Highly recommended.”

We would “highly” recommend it as well!

Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

About Cova: Our company designs products to elevate the dispensary experience. Our reliable point-of-sale system is purpose-built for the industry based on years of research and expertise, our touchscreen menu and digital signage solutions help dispensaries everywhere create great experiences and look sharp.  Learn more here.


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