March 20, 2017

International Highlife – The Only Stoner Network You Need

March 20, 2017
international highlife

In 2014, a group of stoner buddies (what would become International Highlife) from Switzerland got together and made a simple Facebook page, Highlife Switzerland, for sharing cannabis-related content between themselves and whoever might be interested.

After just weeks, it soon became apparent that a lot of people were interested – people from all over the world, not just Switzerland! Thus, the fledgling community rapidly evolved into a new, more worldly concept, and took on a new name to reflect this fundamental change of state – International Highlife.

Now, after those humble beginnings back in Switzerland, International Highlife has developed into a vast network of cannabis-related websites and community pages, with over 8 million followers on social media! The userbase is growing more rapidly than anything else in its niche – and the unique needs of the stoner community are becoming more and more apparent as it grows.

What’s becoming clear is that existing social networks like Facebook and Instagram don’t quite make the cut, as they impose various restrictions on their users which particularly affect the cannabis community.

So the International Highlife admins took the next step, and in February 2017 launched a brand-new website for the community to participate in and enjoy. Members can upload and share their content just as on other social networks, but with none of the restrictions!  

Alongside user-generated content, International Highlife is now forming a team of quality writers and vloggers to produce in-house content for the site. This unique, top-quality content will include news, how-to’s, and strain and product reviews, among much more. On top of all that, International Highlife also manages a YouTube channel so users can stay up-to-date on exclusive video content.  

While the HQ is still in Switzerland, International Highlife has expanded far beyond just four borders, and now collaborates with people from all over the world, including the Netherlands, Spain and the United States. Now, the network of sites and pages includes Cannabis Entertainment, World of Bongs, World of Cannabis and World of Dabs, among many others!

Furthermore, businesses and start-ups can benefit from various promotional and consulting services offered by the International Highlife network, by taking a look at the Highlife Media site. The consultancy team has already assisted multiple start-ups in getting their vision off the ground and into the hands of the stoners that want it!

However, it’s important to note that International Highlife is a user-driven community first and foremost. The aim is to help followers and users to realize their business visions, but without allowing the organization to become a mere vehicle for advertisers. And above all, the principal aim is to have fun and share great content between like-minded people from all across the globe.



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