February 20, 2017

Online Dispensary Cannabiscare Offers Lab-Tested Cannabis & Guaranteed Delivery Throughout Canada

February 20, 2017
Online Dispensary CannabisCare.ca

Online Dispensary CannabisCare .ca Offers Lab-Tested Cannabis & Guaranteed Delivery Throughout Canada

Online dispensary CannabisCare.ca is setting itself apart in the marketplace as one of Canada’s best online dispensaries, with potency-guaranteed, triple lab-tested cannabis products, delivered quickly and discreetly throughout Canada.

In addition to testing their Sativa, Indica, and hybrid cannabis strains, Cannabis Care also tests their extracts and edibles, from cannabis oil and hash to weed cookies and pot brownies. This allows customers to make informed choices, and select the strain, extract, or edible that best suits their need – and control their cannabinoid dosage.

“People who buy from us and who contact us with questions have universally said that they appreciate how much info they can get from the lab reports, and how easy we make everything,” stated a Cannabis Care spokesperson, “we are very encouraged by how positive the response has been.”

“When you have the data in front of you, you can simply make better choices for yourself. Cannabis is an amazing, diverse medicine that comes in many forms, which means that patients have the ability to find the product that truly works best for them,” explained the spokesperson.

While the lab tests give their customers confidence in the product, the Cannabis Care order and delivery process is geared to give customers confidence that the cannabis products they order will arrive as promised, safely and discreetly.

All cannabis products are shipped via Canada Post, and tracking codes are provided.

“We ship all our products through the mail. People’s mail in Canada has some of the best privacy protection in the world. There isn’t a safer and more discreet way to get cannabis than mail-order cannabis.”

Future plans for the company include expanding the product line to include cannabis topicals, and edible CBD products for pets. These will be lab-tested, too. And in the future, you may see a Cannabis Care local dispensary in your neighborhood as well.


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