July 31, 2017

Swiss Grocer Now Carries Specialized Hemp Cigarettes

July 31, 2017
Swiss Grocer Now Carries Hemp Cigarettes

Getting a buzz while looking out over the Swiss Alps just got easier thanks to a Swiss supermarket chain now selling ‘ special cigarettes ‘. In addition to tobacco, the pack contains CBD-rich hemp, which contains less than one percent THC. CBD is thought to be useful in treating pain and panic attacks, among other ailments.

While marijuana remains illegal in Switzerland, it is permissible to smoke cannabis (aka hemp) that tests at less than 1 percent THC. Most other European destinations (not including Amsterdam) only allow cannabis with less than .02 percent THC.

They sold out in the first month of cannabis cigarette sales. The Coop Cooperative is one of Switzerland’s largest retail and wholesale companies with a member base of roughly 2.5 million people and the success has led to the decision of a bigger rollout.

The cannabis cigs are now being sold by 700 Coop Cooperatives across Switzerland.

The Swiss Coop Cooperative is the first in the world to offer grocery shoppers the pre-rolled hemp and tobacco cigarettes. According to smokers, it has mellow effect and smells like cannabis.

Swiss Tourism representative, Sarah Roloff told the UK Telegraph that she doesn’t expect the cigarettes to have a serious effect on tourism overall. “The primary travel motivation of tourists who come to Switzerland is the beauty of nature and its landscapes and this will remain so in the future,” said Roloff.

The cannabis cigarettes go in-line with their line of hemp products like hemp ice tea.

“We are still overwhelmed by the interest in our cigarettes,” said marketing director Björn Koch. “People from around the globe contacted us about our new cannabis cigarette. The empty shelves at Coop show that people here in Switzerland seem to like the product.”

Only people over 18 will be able to buy Heimat cigarettes, and there will be identity checks at cash registers. A pack costs $20.


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