December 10, 2018

The Concept and Lady Bosses Behind the Newest Girly Vape Pen: The Bae

December 10, 2018
The lady bosses behind Bae Vapes have created a pen that is feminine, sleek, and discreet.

The Weed Blog has always been a supporter of diversity in the cannabis industry, in products, companies and entrepreneurs. We feel that it is essential that this industry create a fair starting point for men and women, and an elevated starting point for people of color.

One of our new product favorites is the girly Bae vape pen. It is feminine and fancy, complete with a box that was designed with women in mind. It’s sleek, pink, and best of all, it’s discreet.

Additionally, behind Bae is a team of strong women who come from various backgrounds, all doing work to help push the cannabis industry forward.

Tasha Sullivan, Hannah Davis, Emily DeLaCruz and Sara Laplanche are the girlboss branding executives behind BaeVapes. These women know that appearances do matter. They’ve brought to life a very feminine brand that is resonating with women and bringing new users into the space with an approachable and likable brand, vape, look and image.

The girl bosses behindBae:

Tasha Sullivan has been a passionate cannabis advocate for 6 years and a hard working representative of women in the cannabis industry for 5 years. From cannabis cultivation to extraction to blending high quality cannabis concentrates and terpene profiles, she has made it her mission to follow her passion and blaze trails with other strong female leaders of the industry. Honored to be a part of developing a cannabis product based around her identified gender, she focused on her inner feminine fury to bring Bae to life. Wanting to express the sweet, fun and playful nature of the women on her team, the strains Cake Batter, Pink Punch and Macaron were selected to remind us that we are indeed sugar, spice and everything nice.  

Emily DeLaCruz has been working in the cannabis industry for 8 years. As a Los Angeles native, cannabis has always been a part of her adult life. But, as she became more educated on the plant and various formats, she was looking for ways to make it easier to enjoy cannabis in a clean and convenient way. Her experience as a chef, and her culinary school training, inspired her to think about the taste profiles that she wants to enjoy. When concepting Bae, she wanted it to be easy-to-use, discreet, and tasty.

Hannah Davis spent the last 10 years working in the craft beer industry and saw the rise of super-premium craft beers targeted at a variety of people. Her experience with elevating the beer experience through beer dinners, education and experiential events helped bring more women to a generally male-dominated consumption experience. She helped to elevate beer to wine status and moved to LA in early 2018 to do the same for cannabis. Working in the industry, she didn’t feel like there was a vape product made for her. The alternative and masculine brands don’t fit with every consumers’ aesthetic, and she realized there is an opportunity to make it easier and more tasty to consume for females. She worked with the team to produce Bae so she and her friends would have something to enjoy that didn’t leave them smelling like “weed” after a sesh.

Sara Laplanche, an LA transplant from Florida, has always been a passionate cannabis advocate. Since moving to California years ago, she has freely and actively been able to be involved in cannabis charity. Sara takes personal experiences of helping both of her grandparents who suffer with Alzheimer’s Disease live a better quality of life by using cannabis. After spending time in stores across the state, she noticed that most cannabis strains and brands were targeted towards a more masculine crowd, and wanted to make a difference. Her love for sweets, make-up, and girl boss mentality, came in handy when concepting Bae.


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