November 11, 2017

The Swiss Army Knife of Weed: the Nuggy Dab and the Nuggy Hybrid

November 11, 2017
Nug Tools
The Nuggy (or the swiss army knife of weed) has been wowing cannabis enthusiasts since it hit the market. The company just launched two new styles called the Nuggy Dab and the Nuggy Hybrid.

Every cannabis enthusiast’s favorite multi-tool just received a makeover..and just in time for the holidays! NugTools welcomes two new Nuggy models in two new colors (blue and pink), the Nuggy Dab and the Nuggy Hybrid, to the family. These new Nuggy models have a high quality and heat resistant aluminum oxide (ALOX) shell that doubles as a carb cap. Both are smaller in size, 4 and 6 tools respectively, with the spring loaded tools now easier than ever to open. The Nuggy Dab offers a pick, spoon, paddle and fork. While the Nuggy Hybrid offers a pick, scraper, spoon, paddle, knife and clip for both concentrates and flower. Don’t worry, you can still get your hot little hands on the Original Nuggy, too.

THE WEED BLOG asked NugTools CEO Rob Green to dish us the deets on the Nuggy’s new arrivals.

What influenced your decision to update the Nuggy?

The desire to enhance the quality of the shell, moving to aluminium oxide (ALOX) makes it high heat resistant, nearly indestructible. As well as, the desire to provide customers with options on chassis size. The new Nuggy Dab option with four tools is super light and slim, and the midsize Hybrid allows for the best of both the flower and concentrate worlds. Our changes were based on customer feedback. We spent a lot of time and energy optimizing the tool tension to ensure safety and effectiveness, while making it easy to open. And, we modified the mini-spoon to optimize collection and roll off into a dab rig. We were getting a lot of requests for something dab specific, so we listened to our customers, prototyped it, and made it happen.

What are some of the biggest changes you made?

The shell is enhanced with ALOX, plus airflow grooves. We’ve optimized tool tension and introduced new chassis size options and toolsets.

Why blue and pink?

Those were the most often requested colors!

Did you use 3D printing or any other type of technology to design the new versions? What was that process like?

Like we did with the Original Nuggy, we used 3D printing. It allowed us to engage in quick customer feedback around tool changes and sizing for the Hybrid/Dab chassis.

Any other interesting tidbits of info you can think of regarding the development, process and/or product?

We still have a tremendous backlog of desires from our customers. In particular, Nuggy fans are requesting a keychain. We tested and actually created a keychain demo, but found feedback from our test population was mixed regarding the keychain loop location and usage. Ultimately, we didn’t want to force a keychain loop that would impede usage of the tools, be clumsy to use, or require a small cheap keychain that may break. That said, now that we’ve launched the two new Nuggies, we will be focused on satisfying the next critical needs of our customers.


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