December 15, 2016

The Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider Before Buying

December 15, 2016

As the holidays approach, a vaporizer could be the gift you are looking for. It will be a thoughtful gift idea for that special person in your life who uses marijuana.  However, don’t just go buying a vaporizer of any kind. There are some important points to consider that will enable you to get a gadget that fits the lifestyle of the user.

An Overview Of Vaporizer Types

There are three categories of vaporizers available in the market today. Anytime you go shopping, the kind of a vape you end up with is likely to fall in one of these categories:

Desktop vaporizers

desktop vaporizer, volcano
Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers come in large sizes and can be bulky and complex. They are mostly used at home and you will need to place them on a flat surface then connect to a power supply during use. The main advantage of this kind of a unit is that it provides an authentic experience of vaping. This is because you can control the heat to get precise temperatures that will extract the best likely taste and smell of cannabis vapor.  A good quality desktop unit can cost $300 and above.

Portable vaporizers

buying a vaporizer, portable vaporizer
Portable Vaporizer

Just like the name suggests, these units come in sizes and designs that you can easily pack and carry to use as you travel. Some of them are multifunctional, allowing users to vaporize concentrates, dry herbs, and e-liquid using a single unit. They come with a battery that may last between 2-3 hours, or longer. A portable vaporizer can also be used at home, except that most of them have limited functions compared to desktop units.

Vape pens

buying a vaporizer, vape pen
Vape Pen

Vape pens are the smallest of vaping units in the market today. Their characteristic feature is discretion. You can carry this device in your pocket or handbag, and pave openly without anyone noticing. When buying, you will choose between a vape pen that can vaporize e-liquid, concentrates, and dry herbs. Only a few models have additional accessories that you can switch to suit the kind of substance you are vaporizing.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vaporizer

The kind of materials you are going to burn

Many designs of vaping units can vaporize flowers, e-liquids, or concentrates. Flowers come in the form of marijuana leaves or dry herb whereas concentrates exist in waxes and oils, among others. Some desktop models and portable units can burn both concentrates and dry herbs. You may want to ask when buying so that you can end up with a device that suits your vaping preferences.

The device’s efficiency

When searching for a suitable vaping device, it could help to understand the science behind this method of cannabis ingestion. Basically, vaping involves burning cannabis at temperatures lower than normal combustion point so that the beneficial components will evaporate without producing smoke. In this case, you need a device that has a mechanism to effectively control the temperatures so that you can achieve full extraction of the taste palettes for an authentic vaping experience. Desktop units are among the most effective vapes in the market today, but some vape pens and portable designs will provide an equally good experience.

Convenience and portability

If you are always travelling and do not want to miss your vaping experience, then a portable device could be your best choice. A vape pen will come in handy for the traveler who want to vaporize marijuana discreetly. On the other hand, some people lead a lifestyle that can enable them to always vape at home. For such a person, a desktop vaporizer will do. Of importance is to note that while you can use a portable vaporizer at home, you cannot travel with a desktop unit. Also, finding a nice good quality desktop unit can be costly.

The desired effect

If you treasure the experience of vaping, probably you want to enjoy the taste and smell of the vapor as well. In this case, you will consider the kind and strength of aroma you extract using a certain device. Generally, dry herbs vaping units give a stronger taste compared to those designed for concentrates. Unfortunately, after vaping, the remaining smell of loose leaf is strong and in most cases obnoxious. This makes it necessary to empty and clean the device immediately after use, something you won’t need to do with concentrate vapes.

Note that vaping doesn’t give that level of “high” associated with smoking. This is why many will consider vaping an ingestion method that leads to weaker effects regardless of whether you use dry herbs, e-liquids, or concentrates.

Your budget

There is always the cost factor when you are about to purchase anything. Basically, the various models in the market today make it possible for people with different budgets to find a unit that suits their needs at an affordable price.

by Ian Lebowski

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ian lebowski, volcanovape, volcano vape, vaproizersVolcanoVape founder and vape enthusiast Ian Lebowski has been involved in marijuana industry for close to a decade now. Originally working in quality control and testing, he has reviewed hundreds of vape products over the years. His latest passion is writing so he never misses a chance to share his experience trough some marijuana-related article.


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