100 Days Left Before Voters In Colorado Vote On Amendment 64

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There Are 100 Days Left Before Election Day So Do Your Part To Spread Awareness About Marijuana Reform

By Betty Aldworth, Advocacy Director, Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

We only have 100 days to make history. Will you do your part?

On November 6, the voters of Colorado will decide whether to end marijuana prohibition and make marijuana possession legal for all adults. Amendment 64 will establish a legal system of cultivation and distribution, and will generate millions of dollars in tax revenue to support public schools in Colorado.

The election is sure to be close, but we will win if we reach out to our friends and family and build support for Amendment 64. The foundation of our support is our growing email list, filled with individuals like you who will spread the word and contribute at least small amounts of time to help us all achieve victory.

Today's task is simple:

Please forward this message in an email to at least five people who you think will support Amendment 64. That's it. When they receive this email, they will click on this link to sign the pledge to vote YES on Amendment 64, so that we can begin keeping them updated with occasional campaign alerts. (If you are receiving this email from someone else, please click here to sign the pledge today!)

With tens of thousands of supporters in the state, we will be able to reach out to hundreds of thousands of voters this fall. We will be an army of educators, helping voters understand that marijuana is not as dangerous as they have been led to believe and that marijuana users should not be punished for using it.

Thanks for spreading the word by forwarding this email today. In 100 days, we will all celebrate together!

P.S. If you are interested in getting more involved in the campaign, please click here to check out our online action center, TalkItUpColorado.org, and find out about all the ways you can help. You can also sign up to begin hearing about opportunities to volunteer as they arise. Whether it's hitting the street to canvas or simply sending a pre-drafted email to your friends and family, you can make a difference!