November 6, 2012

A Vote For Marijuana Legalization Is A Vote For Civil Rights

November 6, 2012
Americans Want Trump to Respect State Cannabis Laws

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By Dale Jones, Chairwoman of the Board, Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform

Today, we have the opportunity to evolve civil rights in America.

Three states — Colorado, Oregon, and Washington — have initiatives on the ballot to end the arrests of marijuana users and finally tax and regulate cannabis. All three races are extremely close, and whether or not you take the time today to reach out to voters in these three states could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Our friends at Just Say Now have developed online phone banks to call targeted voters in all three states. Will you take a few minutes, an hour, or half a day today to call voters in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington?

Click here to make calls from the comfort of your home!

The polls show that we’ve got a real shot to win one or more of these campaigns, but only if we have a strong push to get voters — and especially younger voters — to the polls. Prop 19 had strong support among youth, but they did not all exercise their right to vote in 2010, contributing to our defeat. In order to repeal marijuana prohibition, we must show up at the polls!

And you can help ensure that happens by calling voters in these three crucial states, from anywhere in the country.

Click here to get started.


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