Action Alert: Help Virginia NORML Oust A Marijuana Prohibitionist


During the 2012 Election there was an anti-marijuana candidate running for Attorney General in Oregon (Dwight Holton). Oregon activists, led by the late great Jim Greig, were able to defeat him by spreading awareness, pooling together resources, and doing everything else that we could to prevent Dwight Holton from winning election. It was a very big moment for Oregon, and I have always felt that it was the catalyst for Oregon's eventual legalization victory. Oregon did it, and so can other states that are seeing prohibitionist candidates running for office. Below is an action alert that I received from Virginia NORML. If you live in Virginia, get active:

virginia norml

Virginia NORML challenges YOU to show our lawmakers that cannabis reform is a SERIOUS issue for Virginians RIGHT NOW. At the 2015 Virginia Cannabis Conference this past Sunday, we raised $1250 in ten minutes at the launch of our campaign to raise $5,000 to oust Bryce Reeves from the Virginia State Senate. We intend to award the funds to his opponent in the 17th District, Ned Gallaway for Virginia State Senate. Senator Reeves is staunchly opposed to sensible marijuana legislation, and currently holds a critical seat on the Courts of Justice Committee in the Senate. Flipping this committee to members supporting immediate and sensible reform is CRITICAL to successfully passing bills through the legislature! As you know, this is the ONLY way we can repeal prohibition in Virginia without the freedom of ballot-initiatives. On the other hand, Ned Gallaway supports common sense reform, and has even attended a NORML chapter meeting!

Please donate to the NORML PAC today, and indicate that your contribution is in support of Virginia NORML in the Comments box or call 202-483-5500.

Pam Novy, Executive Director
 and the rest of the Virginia NORML family

p.s. Check out our Facebook feed for some more information and stories about why Senator Reeves must go! If you live in the 17th Senate District (between Fredericksburg and Charlottesville) then please contact us to help support Ned Gallaway.

We also have a VANORML Voter Guide now available -- please check it out and share with your voting friends and family!