June 26, 2012

Activists Plan Epic Signature Blitz To End Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon

June 26, 2012
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oregon state marijuanaBy Sam Chapman

As the deadline approaches for all of Oregon’s initiative signatures to be turned into the Secretary of State to be counted, Oregon marijuana activists have kicked into over-drive for one last signature collection blitz in hopes of putting marijuana legalization on the ballot. The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (I-9) and the Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement (I-24) campaigns have come together under one roof alongside Oregon Students for Sensible Drug Policy in order to effectively divide and conquer every event, concert, and rally in Oregon over the next few weeks in one last effort to collect signatures.

The main idea is to get signature sheets into hands of everyone we know. The time where we speak passionately with our voices is long gone, it is time to speak through actions. The prohibition of marijuana in this country negatively effects all of us whether we use marijuana or not. It’s time to come together and end the prohibition of marijuana once and for all in Oregon, here is how we are going to do it.

Phase 1:

The coalition of activists will be hosting an empowerment rally this Thursday at 5pm in two locations, 15th and NE Alberta and 30th NE Alberta. Starting on each end of the Alberta street faire, two groups will starting walking through the faire and meet in the middle where they will host a brief empowerment rally to train people on how to collect signatures. They will be training friends, family, co-workers, and strangers on how to collect signatures for both campaigns. We will not be obtaining a permit for this rally because in short, the money that would be spent on paying for such a permit will be put to better use by using it to aid further signature collection efforts. This is a tactic that we have successfully used in the past with No More Drug War protests as well as with the Occupy movement.

After the rally we will head out into the streets of Portland to collect signatures for two hours. After that we will reconvene at the OCTA headquarters to debrief, socialize and build community.

Phase 2:
The signature drives being headed up by teams in different cities across the state will take place between June 28th and July 4th By this point we should have identified places and events that have not been targeted for signature collection. This week will be devoted to continuing to send our teams to new locations.

Phase 3:

There will be one large signature turn in blitz on July 4th for both campaigns. All team leaders are responsible to make sure their team has filled out their forms correctly turned in all their signatures before July 5th by 5pm.

Our efforts will not solely based in Portland, in fact we are trying to collect signatures outside of Portland as much as possible. In light of the fact that Portland may be a bit “over fished” if you will, Oregon SSDP is currently facilitating all communication efforts between both campaigns to identify where existing signature gathers are already headed. If you live in Oregon, we need your help!!

We are in the process of identifying team leaders in every city in Oregon to create and manage a small group of people to collect signatures in your area. If you want to collect signatures in your area or help facilitate or group of friends, we would love to help you get started! Below are links to print out both petition sheets.

Contact Sam Chapman @ [email protected] if you want to get involved, have ideas, questions or would like to donate to money, food, sign materials or anything else for that matter.


Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement (I24): https://endprohibitionagain.com/petition/

Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (I-9): https://www.cannabistaxact.org/circulate-petition


OCTA Headquarters

2712 NE Sandy Blvd Portland

Oregon 97232

Rally in Portland @ Last Thursday Alberta Street Faire FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/450632281621875/

Marijuana isn’t going to put itself on the ballot, and a handful of activists can’t do it on their own. It’s time to take a stand against everything that is wrong with marijuana prohibition, for your children, your parents, your friends, and yourself by joining us this Thursday at 5pm for the Last Thursday Alberta Street Fair Rally.


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