November 5, 2012

Campaign Videos From The Colorado Amendment 64 Campaign

November 5, 2012
melissa etheridge colorado amendment 64 ad

A Collection Of Videos From The Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol In Colorado

The Colorado Amendment 64 campaign will go down in the history books as one of the turning points in American politics. I tip my hat to the Amendment 64 staff, directors, and especially to all of the volunteers who helped out. Below are six videos that came out during the campaign. I have been watching them tonight on ‘marijuana legalization eve’ and figured TWB readers might want to join. We are standing at the edge of history my friends!

Yes on 64 TV Ad – Veterans with PTSD

What if?: Latino Voices for Amendment 64

Yes on 64 ad – “Safer Communities”

YES on 64 ad – “Vote for Colorado”

Melissa Etheridge: “Vote YES on Amendment 64”

Adrianne and Rob – Yes on 64



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