October 17, 2012

Colorado Amendment 64 Launches Second TV Ad

October 17, 2012
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By Mason Tvert, Co-Director, Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Today, we’re proud to launch our second TV ad! In the ad, Tony Ryan, a 36-year veteran of the Denver Police Department, explains how we can create safer communities if we have police focus their resources on serious crimes — not on marijuana arrests.

Once you’ve finished watching the ad, use the buttons below the video to email it to friends and family, post it on Facebook, and share it on Twitter — or simply forward this message to any undecided voter you know.

Lt. Ryan makes a compelling case for Amendment 64. In his 36 years in law enforcement, he cannot remember a single instance of marijuana being a cause of violence — yet since 2007, more than 50,000 arrests have been made in Colorado for marijuana. He argues that by regulating marijuana like alcohol, we can allow our police to focus on serious crimes, thereby making our communities safer.

Please take a moment to watch this ad. Then share it with anyone you know who might be on the fence about Amendment 64.

Thanks so much for watching the ad, and for doing everything you can to help us win on November 6.

P.S. Since today is the day that hundreds of thousands of voters start receiving their ballots in the mail, there’s no better time to change your Facebook profile picture to the Yes on 64 logo. Simply go to our profile picture, become a fan of the page (if you aren’t already), tag yourself in the photo, click “Options” and make it your profile photo. Thank you!


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