July 17, 2013

Colorado Dept. Of Revenue Announced Members Of Marijuana Rulemaking Working Groups

July 17, 2013
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colorado marijuana legalization amendment 64 working groupsThe working groups for Colorado’s Amendment 64 implementation have been announced. Below is the info, which can also be found by clicking here:

Amendment 64 of the Colorado State Constitution and HB13-1317 directs the State Licensing Authority (SLA) to adopt rules for retail marijuana. The first step in the process was the adoption of the July 1, 2013 emergency rules, which established a robust regulatory structure for retail marijuana designed to protect public safety and prevent diversion of retail marijuana to minors. With those goals in mind, the SLA filed a Notice of Rulemaking with the Secretary of State on July 15, 2013 in order to adopt permanent rules for retail marijuana and revised set of rules governing medical marijuana.

The SLA encourages interested parties to submit written comments on the proposed rules, including alternate proposals, by August 15, 2013, so that the SLA can review comments prior to the rulemaking hearing. Written comments will also be accepted after that date, until the rulemaking record is closed following the hearing.

The SLA will accept all written comments but strongly encourages written comments to be submitted on Form DR 2477. The form is available on the Department of Revenue’s (DOR) Amendment 64 page, which can be found at: www.colorado.gov/revenue/amendment64.

Please print, complete and save Form DR 2477 as a separate document and then submit the Form via e-mail. Written comments and completed Forms DR 2477 may be emailed to: dor_ruleform@state.co.us.

In addition, you may submit completed Forms DR 2477 to:
Colorado Department of Revenue
Executive Director’s Office
RE: Rules
1375 Sherman Street, Room 409
Denver, CO 80261

Written comments will also be accepted at the rulemaking hearing and at all stakeholder working group meetings.

Stakeholder Working Groups & Members: The SLA is organizing five stakeholder working groups to engage in depth discussions about the permanent rules for retail marijuana and the revised rules for medical marijuana. Each group will focus on a different aspect of those rules and include an almost entirely different set of stakeholders. The following is list of the stakeholder working groups and the members for each group.

The Licensing, Licensed Premises, Transportation and Storage Working Group
o Chair: Lewis Koski (Marijuana Enforcement Division)
o Adrienne Russman (Governor’s Office)
o Judy Steele (City and County of Denver, Excises and Licenses)
o Melanie Snyder (Attorney General’s Office)
o Chris Olson (County Sheriff of Colorado)
o Brenda Davis (Colorado Division of Gaming)
o Jeff Gard (Attorney)
o Brooke Gerhing (Medical Marijuana Industry Business Owner)
o Meg Collins (Cannabis Business Alliance)
o Collon Kennedy (Colorado Communiqué, LLC)

The Licensed Entities and Inventory Tracking Working Group
o Chair: Ron Kammerzell (Department of Revenue)
o Cally King (Governor’s Office)
o John Vicchiarelli (Department of Revenue)
o Matt Huron (Medical Marijuana Industry Large Business Owner)
o Jessica LeRoux (Medical Marijuana Industry Small Business Owner)
o Ronn Nixon (Consumer Advocate)
o Eric Bergman (Colorado Counties, Inc.)
o Ann Marie Jensen (Jensen Public Affairs representing the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police)
o Tom Raynes (Colorado District Attorney’s Council)
o Gennifer Murray (Medical Marijuana Laboratory Owner)
o Amy Poinsett (MJ Freeway)
o Mike Elliot / Norton Arbelaez (Medical Marijuana Industry Group / Compliance Officer)

The Record Keeping, Enforcement, and Discipline Working Group
o Chair: Hank Hassler (Marijuana Enforcement Division)
o Cally King (Governor’s Office)
o Kevin Bommer / Rachel Allen (Colorado Municipal League)
o Kevin Fischer (Medical Marijuana Industry Owner)
o Mitch Murray (Colorado Springs District Attorney)
o Beverly Bookout (Boulder Police Officer)
o Melanie Snyder (Attorney General’s Office)
o Mark Slaugh (Medical Marijuana Industry Compliance)
o Joel Russman (Attorney)
o Stewart Zion (Department of Revenue)

The Labeling, Packaging, Product Safety, and Marketing Working Group
o Chair: Jordan Wellington (Marijuana Enforcement Division)
o Cally King (Governor’s Office)
o Dan Anglin (Anglin Public Affairs representing EdiPure and Green Cross Colorado)
o Brian Swanton (Medical Marijuana Industry Owner)
o Andy LaFrate (Medical Marijuana Industry Owner)
o Sandra Solin (Capitol Solutions representing Smart Colorado)
o Jeff Groff (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
o Christian Sederberg (Attorney)
o Ernie Martinez (Denver Police Department)
o Professor Charles Patti (Interim Dean and Professor of Marketing at the University of Denver)
o Laura Borgelt (Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Clinical Pharmacy and Family Medicine Department)
o Heather Despres (Laboratory Director for CannLabs)
o Dr. Uwe Christian (Medical Director at the Bio Analytics Laboratories at University of Colorado School of Medicine)
o Dr. Paula Riggs (Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Substance Dependence, University of Colorado of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus)

The Medical Differentiation Work Group
o Chair: Lewis Koski (Marijuana Enforcement Division)
o Adrienne Russman (Governor’s Office)
o Teri Robinette (Patient Advocate)
o Chief John Jackson (Greenwood Village Police Department)
o Cheri Hacket (Medical Marijuana Industry Business Owner)
o Tim McDowell (Medical Marijuana Industry Business Owner)
o Eric Spiedell (Medical Marijuana Industry Business Owner)
o Melanie Snyder (Attorney General’s Office)
o Sean McAllister (Attorney)
o Kimberly Ryan (Attorney)


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