April 5, 2010

Colorado Marijuana Lawyer to Debate Colorado AG

April 5, 2010

It’s going to be an old fashioned showdown this Wednesday at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. Top Colorado marijuana attorney Rob Corry is set to debate Colorado Attorney General John Suthers over the issue of recent marijuana proliferation in Colorado. Suthers is likely to say the same old stuff that he always says; I just hope Rob Corry sticks it to him and calls out his BS.

The debate is one of three scheduled for the week. In addition to the Corry/Suthers battle royal, former US Attorney Troy Eid and Sensible Colorado’s Executive Director Brian Vicente are expected to join a panel discussion. Debates like these are the best, most constructive way to talk about marijuana related issues. When conversations are behind closed doors and not open to the public, it brings little attention to the process, and results in one side or the other being reluctant to consider the final suggestions of the conversation.

When these debates are held via one sided media outlets, it results in nothing more than meaningless rhetoric being thrown around. But when debates are in front of the public, with both sides given equal time, and both sides have to react to critical comments off the cuff, it often results in substantive conversation and constructive suggestions. Conservatives can’t stick to their talking points, and actually have to apply genuine logical reasoning to the debate. This usually results in the public seeing just how ridiculous the anti-marijuana arguments are, and greatly discredits the anti-marijuana crusade.


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