September 12, 2015

Denver Plans For A ‘First Ever Of Its Kind’ Local Marijuana Regulation Symposium

September 12, 2015
denver colorado marijuana real estate

denver colorado marijuana real estateWhen it comes to regulating a legal recreational marijuana industry, Colorado has largely set the standard. Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana at the same time (2012 Election), but Colorado came up with rules much faster than Washington did, and started recreational marijuana sales faster as a result. I know that Alaska has been looking towards Colorado for guidance on how to implement their marijuana legalization initiative and for industry rules, as I’m sure most other states will do too. Oregon has come up with its own rules, but it’s fair to point out that Oregon tends to usually do things its own way, marijuana or otherwise.

The City of Denver is hosting a two day symposium on local marijuana regulations. I have to assume that local governments from other legal states, and from states where legalization seems inevitable, will be attending the symposium. Per the Denver Post:

Denver city officials didn’t exactly embrace Amendment 64 before voters statewide — and heavily in Denver — approved recreational marijuana legalization in 2012.

But Mayor  and his administration is taking a new opportunity to exhibit pride in the city’s regulation of the retail cannabis industry.

This week the city’s Office of Marijuana Policy, headed by Ashley Kilroy, announced that it will host a two-day “marijuana management symposium” Nov. 5-6 at the Colorado Convention Center. It has invited attendees from across the country, largely targeting local governments that also are adjusting to legalized marijuana or might face a similar challenge on the horizon.

I haven’t seen details as far as if the public will be allowed to attend, but from what I have read it sounds like it will be just for government employees. I have definitely never heard of an event quite like this one. It will be a ‘think tank’ of sorts for local marijuana regulations, which is something that I expect to be very popular going forward for better or worse. Where states reform marijuana laws, local regulations are sure to follow. I’m very curious to see what ideas flow out of this symposium, and you should be too.


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