Denver Post: Majority Support Amendment 64

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Denver Post Survey Shows Large Lead For Colorado Marijuana Legalization Initiative

By Betty Aldworth, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

There was great news in the Denver Post this morning. In an article that is already the #1 most clicked article of the day among Colorado readers, the paper announced the results of its survey on Amendment 64.

We are ahead 51% to 40%, with another 9% undecided! Click here to read the article and learn more.

While it's great that we're 11 points ahead, this does not mean we are in the clear and assured of victory. Far from it. In fact, it probably means our opponents will double or triple their efforts to bring us down.

We must counter their efforts by taking advantage of this opportunity. There is an incredible psychological advantage to being in the majority. Think about it. Why should people think it's strange that you are voting for something supported by a majority of the public?

So this is your mission: simply talk to some people this weekend about the poll. Whether it is a friend, neighbor or person cutting your hair, just say something like, "Did you see the poll about the marijuana initiative in the Denver Post? It now has majority support. I am pretty excited to vote for it."

It doesn't matter exactly what you say. You can tell people you support it or tell people why you support it. As long as you are talking, we will win this campaign.

Thanks so much for your involvement in this historic effort.

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