October 23, 2014

Even More Proof That Marijuana Does Not Lower Your IQ

October 23, 2014
college marijuana cannabis university study

college marijuana cannabis university studySocial media will once again be flooded by legalization activists claiming the relative safety of marijuana as compared to legal drugs like alcohol. According to Christopher Ingraham, a Washington Post reporter, a study done at the University College of London has concluded that marijuana does not lead to lower IQ. This is along with study after study suggesting similar results, especially after Duke University published a flawed study in 2012 claiming the opposite.

While I have no doubt that this will have a positive influence on drug reform, I am personally not too concerned with such studies. Is it really all that important whether or not it is safe? The relative safety of marijuana has never been my rationale for legalization. Marijuana could be devastating to IQ levels and awful for physical health, and I would still support the legalization of marijuana. It has been proven time and time again that alcohol is terrible for health in excess amounts, especially compared to marijuana, but I don’t see a majority of legalization activists calling for the prohibition of alcohol. It would be ridiculous if they did.

This goes along with the statement that ‘just because I am in support of legalization doesn’t mean I support its use.’ I support the legalization of cocaine and heroin, but I don’t actively support its use. Same goes for marijuana. I may support legalization, but I certainly do not condone its use, nor do I condemn it.

The fact of the matter is that you are the final say of what goes into your body. I don’t care if it is a cheeseburger for breakfast, a pack of cigarettes a day, or a joint after work. This is your choice, not mine, and certainly not the government’s choice.

(Note: I am not saying that these studies are not important for legalization. They certainly are! It is just important to keep this in mind as a legalization supporter.)


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