May 31, 2015

How Many Different Cannabinoids Are There In Marijuana?

May 31, 2015
thc marijuana cannabis skin allergies

thc marijuana cannabis skin allergiesFor a very long time, the only cannabinoid that people talked about was THC. THC was first discovered in 1964 at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and his colleagues, Dr. Yehiel Gaoni and Dr. Haviv Edery. THC is the cannabinoid in marijuana that creates a euphoric effect. But there are many other cannabinoids that are found in marijuana. The most talked about cannabinoid right now is CBD. CBD has been proven to possess a lot of medical benefits, especially for those suffering from epilepsy.

So how many different cannabinoids are there in marijuana? That’s a timely question to ask, as this month seven more cannabinoids were discovered. Per High Times:

Ole Miss is at again. With their research-grade cannabis finally up to par with that of dispensaries, the weed scientists at the University of Mississippi have taken full advantage of the potent pot: seven new naturally occurring cannabinoids have been discovered.

Depending on the genetic makeup of a strain of cannabis, the resinous trichomes of female plants will produce mainly THC or CBD, with high CBG detected in few European hemp samples. Whether a plant has high THC or CBD, a diverse slew of minor cannabinoids always top off the mixture.

Many modern labs dedicated to testing cannabis can give you a percentage of major cannabinoids and a few minor cannabinoids, but none so far have the capability to give you a full cannabinoid fingerprint. It’s not out of laziness; such an analysis would take weeks and thousands of dollars given the current technology. Scientists have discovered 104 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant through painstaking labor, and it seems that number just climbed to 111.

There are currently 111 known cannabinoids, but there are almost certainly more waiting to be discovered. Each cannabinoid can provide varying levels of medical benefit, and research has shown that each cannabinoid works the best when they are combined. It’s called the ‘entourage effect’ and that’s why CBD-only public policies are deficient. Patients benefit the most from, and deserve safe access to, the whole plant. If you live in a CBD-only state, keep fighting until all the cannabinoids are free!


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