July 11, 2017

How Does Marijuana Help Alleviate Pain?

July 11, 2017
Marijuana Help Alleviate Pain

It is important to make a statement before this article, and that is: Marijuana is a lot more than what many think.

It has a great number of medicinal properties, Marijuana is an instant remedy for various neurological and physical disorders; but, unfortunately, is an underutilized therapeutic.

We all know how dreadful a few health conditions are. It is not only these health conditions, but the treatments for these health conditions will also be painful and draining. Medical condition like Cancer is something many are scared of, by just hearing its name. According to various scientific research experiments, Marijuana not only addresses pain but, several other symptoms, like Nausea, loss of appetite, depression, etc.

In this piece of content, we will be strongly focusing on the pain-alleviating properties of Marijuana

Before knowing about the Marijuana’s effect on pain, it is important for us, to know, what is a pain.

So, what is a pain?

First and foremost thing to know about pain is that it does not come from the organ that is injured, but it all happens in the brain. The injured area cannot lead to any pain, and it is one of the sensations, created by brain alone, to safeguard you. Pain is a simple result of the evaluation of the danger data received by the danger detection system, stored information, current information, and cognitive data, meaning previous exposure, social exposures, beliefs, and lastly the sensory data. And, where are all these evaluations, happening? It is in the Brain.

Many would have observed, the pain suddenly appearing or disappearing, i.e., one time, you will have shooting pain, and the next moment, it is gone. This off and on cycle occurs in the brain. The pain re-occurrence happens, when the brain is provided the credible evidence that there are dangers for the body and it needs protecting.

There are too many questions on how to effectively, or reduce pain without damaging other parts of the body.  The most logical approach towards this is to soothe your brain, first. Yes, when your brain is assured that it is in a safe place, by delivering evidence of safety to the brain, you can bid goodbye to your pain, quickly. However, this is a little tricky.

What does Marijuana do for the pain?

One common factor that Marijuana and Pain have in common is that, their effects are centred in our brains. Pain happens in the brain, and Marijuana has its activity on the brain; this is sure to ring a bell, now.

Marijuana not only addresses one type of pain, but most of the types, like neuropathic pain, muscular pain, psychogenic pain, and lastly, idiopathic pain.

Both THC and CBD, which are the prominent cannabinoids of Marijuana, have their own effect on pain; one makes you forget the pain by exciting you, while the other makes you fall asleep, which also relieves the symptoms of pain.

The way THC works on the brain is pretty interesting…

THC has the ability to plug into the cannabinoid receptors, the unique receptors that receive cannabinoid neurotransmitters.  When the THC interacts with these receptors, the neurons in the brain get excited, during which, these cannabinoid receptors will not have their usual effect.

In simple words, different areas in the brain, where cannabinoids are present, get excited at once. And during this, the communication and normal operation will be absent.  And, it is here, the brain loses its ability to judge what is important, and what isn’t. The beneficial result is:  pain becomes less important for your brain due to excitation.

As reported earlier, Cannabidiol (CBD) can also alleviate the pain, and its effect is more physical, rather than, psychological, which is one of the reasons; CBD is preferred largely for the pain treatment by those who are concerned about the psychological effects of this herb. Another reason why CBD is the best for pain relieving is that, it can treat every form of pain, and addresses every pain, at its cellular level.

Pain is dreadful and is something that people fear the most. Instead of going for pain-killers that will have side-effects 90% of the time, one can opt for the occasional consumption of side-effects- free, chemical free and safe Marijuana.

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Author bio: Stephen Charbonneau is the owner of Stone-Tool-Seed and is a firm believer in the herbal use and an advocate for recreational marijuana. He and his wife of over forty years live on a farm and believe in organic farming and cultural practices that are eco-friendly and safe for people. Stephen has developed some of his own innovations in plant husbandry that came out of years of experience and observation and tempered with advanced training in agricultural/horticultural science. Stephen feels it is important to re- educate people about marijuana , expose the “snow job” that it has been a victim of for almost a hundred years in North America, and is determined to bring the truth about cannabis and its positive effects when grown in natural environments.  You can follow Stephen on Instagram (@robustcannabis), Twitter (@stonetoolseed), or Facebook (Stone- Tool- Seed).




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