May 7, 2013

Footage From The New York City Cannabis Parade/Rally 2013 At Union Square Park

May 7, 2013
New York marijuana

If there is any state that needs marijuana reform, it’s New York. For so many years it has seemed like New York has been on the cusp of significant marijuana reform. That’s why it’s so important to hold pro-marijuana rallies and parades in New York, to show the politicians that are sitting on the fence and marijuana opponents that the issue is not going away. There are countless suffering patients in New York that desperately need medical marijuana legislation to pass. There are countless people that have been arrested for possessing marijuana in New York, despite the fact that it is safer than alcohol and tobacco. Below is footage from the 2013 New York City Cannabis Parade And Rally In Union Square Park. If you are in New York, keep fighting, I promise your day of reform will come!


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