February 21, 2013

Help Gather Signatures To Legalize Marijuana In Ohio

February 21, 2013
ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalization

ohio marijuana legalization taxation regulation signaturesBelow is information that I received from the Legalize Ohio campaign. If you are in Ohio, step up and do your part to help end marijuana prohibition!

Action Proposed – Legalization, Taxation, and Regulation of Marijuana for recreational use in Ohio for adults 21 and over.

Action Petitioned For – We, the undersigned, citizens of this great state who urge our leaders to act now to legalize marijuana in Ohio. We can no longer stand by and watch such hypocrisy override what is truly just in this country. Cannabis is useful for so many things. It happens to be the most durable fiber on the planet with uses we can’t even fathom, yet is the most underutilized. Cannabis also has proven medical benefits, yet the government still fails to admit these facts when they have even sponsored the testing. This leaves us to believe that there is much more out there that can be explored if Cannabis were to be legal. As citizens in the great state of Ohio we have elected you to be our voice. That is your elected duty and we expect you to uphold your commitment to us. At the very least the legalization, taxation and regulation of Cannabis should be a topic of discussion at not only a state level but at the federal level as well. Take a look at states such as Colorado and Washington. They have just passed monumental bills in regards to the legalization of marijuana for adults 21 and over. This was something that had never before been thought possible. When this happened, chaos didn’t ensue and the sun still came up the following morning as it has for thousands of years. It is evident that the war on Cannabis has failed. It is time to end the prohibition. With your support we can bring this issue to light and show the true hypocrisy in our laws regarding Cannabis. With the national debt totaling well over $16,000,000,000,000.00 it is clear that we need to re-evaluate how we spend our money in such a cash strapped time in our country’s great history. The taxation of Cannabis can bring real money to our State. We can use the money and put it towards bettering our education system, opening public parks, or to repair roads throughout the state! These, among many other reasons are why we support the Legalization, Taxation, and Regulation of marijuana in Ohio.

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